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The Plastic Surgery Channel Interviews Hydrasolve Executive

The Plastic Surgery Channel Interviews Hydrasolve Executive

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – (ASAPS) New York, 2013

New technology in plastic surgery continues to evolve, making procedures more efficient for the surgeon and more tolerable for the patient. Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a board certified plastic surgeon from Indianapolis, Indiana, and member of The Plastic Surgery Channel interviews the CEO for Hydrasolve, Tom Albright.


Van Natta: What’s different about HydraSolve?

Albright:  We felt that Lioposuction really needed an improvement and we’re trying to make the entire treatment easier for patients. The device uses saline and it actually warms and pressurizes the water inside the surgical instrument.  It is designed to target fat and only fat. The breakup of fat is the goal- liquefying it and quickly aspirating it out of the body and into the waste containers.  This makes the process very smooth for the doctor. But also more meaningfully, this device should really reduce the amount of pain and swelling and bruising that patient’s see.

Van Natta: Is there an advantage with HydraSolve that helps reduce pain for patients?

Albright: Yes, there’s very little trauma involved with HydraSolve. HydraSolve does not require the thrusting method of fat removal that you typically see with traditional liposuction. The surgeon is actually moving the cannula very smoothly and gently inside the space between the skin and the fat. You don’t have to do any cutting with HydraSolve inside the subcutaneous layer. The healing process with HydraSolve has been very rapid.

Van Natta: Thanks for talking with us about this new device.

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