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Annie Lennox Finds Plastic Surgery “Obvious” and “Unappealing”

Annie Lennox Finds Plastic Surgery “Obvious” and “Unappealing”

Annie Lennox, the legendary Scottish music artist of The Eurythmics fame, came out on her Facebook recently with some sharp words to say about cosmetic surgery.


“It doesn’t make women look younger. It just makes them look disturbing… Plastic surgery looks very obvious and truly unappealing.” – Annie Lennox

annie-lennox_1296747cWell, Annie, it seems unfortunate that you’re grouping all cosmetic surgery results with the botched ones. If you spoke with a board certified plastic surgeon, someone who has dedicated their life to the art of cosmetic surgery, you just may discover that the vast majority of well-done procedures go unnoticed when complete. Natural, appealing plastic surgery is very much a possibility and is, in fact, the norm for patients who turn to an expert. Patient’s friends may often say, “Wow! You look  refreshed!” when plastic surgery is performed by properly trained plastic surgeons.

It must be nice to be naturally beautiful and age gracefully, like Annie, but not all are so blessed. When the time comes to reestablish youthfulness, cosmetic surgery has results that will keep patients looking like themselves on the outside and confident on the inside.  Look for these seals of  approval when choosing a surgeon:


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