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How Smart is Smartlipo?

How Smart is Smartlipo?

Catchy names and large-scale advertising campaigns can many times attract patients into considering a plastic surgery procedure. One of the newer fat removal procedures, Smartlipo, has drawn lots of interest in patients looking to not only have fat removed, but have their skin tightened. Dr. Peter Fodor of Beverly Hills and Dr. Richard Baxter of Seattle sit down to discuss the treatment and whether or not it lives up to its claims.

By: Peter B. Fodor, MD and Richard A. Baxter, MD
and Adam McMillon

What is Smartlipo?

SmartLipo-Still02Smartlipo is a technology devised to not only remove fat like standard liposuction, but to tighten the skin in the area where fat is removed. To achieve skin tightening, a laser is blended with liposuction techniques to do both procedures at the same time.

The device is aimed at patients looking to remove fat and tighten skin in an area, but its ability to tighten and be minimally invasive may be overstated. “Smartlipo isn’t less invasive nor safer than traditional liposuction,’ says Dr. Baxter. “But, if done right, there is some evidence that it can help to tighten skin.”

What kind of patient would benefit from Smartlipo?

Patients looking for dramatic results, such as those found with a tummy tuck procedure, should be cautious. “They won’t replace tummy tucks, but there are some patients who are in between. They may have a little skin laxity, and you may be able to help that in addition to removing fat,” states Baxter.

SmartLipo-Still01For those who have minimal loose skin in the area where they want treatment, Smartlipo seems to be able to provide an improvement in an all-in-one procedure. Fat is removed and the skin is tightened in a procedure very similar to standard liposuction, giving the patient a great result while still being minimally invasive. “I utilize the device at my practice, but we tell patients coming in for Smartlipo that we don’t offer it,” says Dr. Fodor. “What we say instead is that we offer brilliant lipo! Meaning our expertise at utilizing both technologies tailored to the right patient will give them the best results, not just because we have the device.”

Baxter echoes Fodor’s sentiments when it comes to Smartlipo and any other device. “The smartest liposuction is the liposuction done by a board certified plastic surgeon.” Regardless of the device, consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon will give you the best advice as to what procedure is “smart” to achieve great,  individualized results.

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