Courtney Stodden: Bigger Implants Mean Big Problems

Courtney Stodden: Bigger Implants Mean Big Problems

A recent article writes that Courtney Stodden has had new breast implants to make her breasts even bigger than before. While the comings and goings of reality TV stars isn’t the best place to find a good example of breast augmentation practices, there is a lot to learn from this specific story. William P. Adams, Jr. MD  of Dallas tells us why changing out breast implants could be a sign of breast augmentation gone wrong.

By: William P. Adams, Jr., MD
and Adam McMillon

Top Two Elements of Breast Augmentation

Board certified plastic surgeons stress two things to patients interested in breast augmentation: the consultation and researching a real expert surgeon. “Breast augmentation is not like changing your shoes,” says Dr. Adams. “You don’t just get a size and later bump up. You want to make good decision the first time. A lengthy consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, paired with your own research in picking a real expert surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, is the best way to get the results you want for the long-term. One time and one time only, that’s the best way to do it.”

Many patients have done their own research before ever stepping foot into a surgeon’s office, a step that surgeons such as Dr. Adams think is very wise. In addition to personal research, the consultation between you and your doctor is just as important as the surgery itself. During the consultation, patients can speak their mind about their wishes, and surgeons can answer with technological tools that give patients an idea of what they might bra-3-up-oblique-rgblook like with different sizes of implants.

Breast Imaging

Vectra 3D Imaging is one such technology that can digitally represent a patient’s breasts (based on a picture taken during the consultation), allowing patients to see what they may look like. Instead of blindly choosing a size, the consultation aims to visually define what the patients desires, with a surgeon explaining different implants and sizes and what would work best with a patient’s specific breast type.

No board certified plastic surgeon agrees that trading out implants after a year or two is a good idea. Getting it right the first time is in the patient’s best interest, something Ms. Stodden should maybe figure out!  Especially at the young age of 19, undergoing numerous procedures for slight fixes is not a healthy lifestyle, physically or mentally.

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