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Austin Plastic Surgeons One of the First to Offer SAFELipo® Technique

Austin Plastic Surgeons One of the First to Offer SAFELipo® Technique

A new technique for liposuction is revolutionizing the way body contouring surgery is performed, says Austin, Texas plastic surgeons, Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Dustin Reid of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre.  They are two of a select group of plastic surgeons in the country that have been trained to offer what’s called SAFELipo®, a radically different way to not only remove stubborn fat pockets and bulges, but to truly sculpt the body.  This new technique created and developed by Louisiana plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., of Shreveport, Louisiana, is said to give patients better results with fewer contour irregularities and a faster, less painful recovery.

By Carolynn Grimes
The Plastic Surgery Channel

SAFELipo Minimizes Complications and Gives Patients Better Results

SafeLipo - Simeon Wall Jr., MDThe SAFELipo® technique is performed using a power-assisted liposuction device or PAL.  Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon were personally trained by Dr. Wall in 2012 and offer this “game changing” technique to their patients.  Dr. Wall coined the term “SAFELipo®” when he invented the procedure. “SAFE”, is an acronym for Separation – Aspiration – Fat Equalization. This is what makes SAFELipo® different from any other technique currently available.

“It’s all about minimizing complications and giving patients better results,” says Dr. Gordon. “We like to call SAFELipo® our “shrink wrap procedure.  Not only are the stubborn area(s) of fat removed, but the overlying skin contraction is so remarkable that patients end up smaller in circumference, whether it’s the trunk or the thighs. We’re taking liposuction results to the next level from what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past.”

Has Liposuction Marketing Gone Too Far?

Liposuction has evolved in the last few years, and there are a lot of new technologies that are marketed directly to the consumer without adequate scientific data. While some techniques show promise, Dr. Reid says, “The marketing has far outpaced the science. It’s also put technology in the hands of non board certified plastics surgeons, who are not adequately trained and experienced to recognize problems and do an exceptional job.”

SafeLipo - Dr. Reid & Dr. Gordon“I think liposuction is one of those procedures where consumers need to be educated.  You want to get liposuction right the first time because revisionary liposuction is very challenging,” says Dr. Reid. “Patients need to know that technique and experience do matter.  SAFELipo® takes more time because it’s a three step process, but it’s not just liposuction-–it’s body contouring.”

Plastic surgeons and patients from around the world are finding this new technique gives dramatic, yet natural results, and causes less tissue damage and surface irregularities that are frequently seen in other types of liposuction. Board certified plastic surgeons who attend and complete SAFELipo® training are among the top plastic surgeons in the country.

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