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Reality Show “Botched” Handing out Misinformation to Viewers

Reality Show “Botched” Handing out Misinformation to Viewers

Misinformation about plastic surgery persists in the media and the new reality show “Botched”, is a good example.  The plastic surgery themed show aimed at fixing complications, seems to not have their facts straight. In another episode of No Spin News, PSC gives you the real story.

By William P. Adams Jr., MD

No Spin.Still002The science of implant replacement

The Plastic Surgery Channel got an email from one of our viewers who asked us to respond to the show Botched, which apparently is propagating misinformation. In the episode described in the e-mail, information was given on the show that women need to replace their breasts implants every 10-15 years. When to replace an implant has been a topic of controversy for years but, at this point, the science shows that you don’t need to replaced on a  time line. You only need to have routine follow ups with your plastic surgeon.

Twenty to thirty years ago, the 2nd generation of breast implants were thin-walled, thin-gelled and had a very high rupture rate. The studies now are different. Modern implants, or the 4th and 5th generation implants, are designed much better and last far longer than their predecessors. One of the best  studies(Heden)  shows at twelve years, 92% of modern implants  are intact, and the FDA clinical trials have similar findings.


Patients should know, you don’t need to replace your implants by the clock. You just need to see a board certified surgeon that will follow and advise you as your implants age.

The show certainly “botched” this information for  patients.


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