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A Quick Fix for a Fresh Look!

A Quick Fix for a Fresh Look!

In late 2013, the FDA approved Voluma™ as the only hyaluronic acid filler for treatment of the mid face. Hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve completely over time making them a very safe option for patients to try. Although there are lots of fillers at his disposal, Dr. Ned Snyder is particularly excited about Voluma calling it one of his “favorites” and adding that it inspires “…a new way of thinking about fillers to counteract facial aging.”

by Isabel Bolt
and Ned Snyder IV, MD

In essence, Voluma goes beyond just thinking about fillers for specific lines. In fact, it not only minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, but restores volume and adds a subtle lift in the whole cheek area. According to Snyder, Voluma is not intended as a replacement for a face lift, but it’s a great option for a person who is beginning to notice the signs of aging in the mid face, “but may be 10 years away from a (traditional) face lift” – a growing demographic in Dr. Snyder’s practice.

Meet a new member of the filler family: Juvederm Voluma

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and results are instantly apparent. Injections go deeper than the superficial layer of skin, but discomfort is minimized due to lidocaine (a numbing medicine) being integrated into the injectable gel. There is no downtime, however some patients may experience temporary, minor bruising or swelling. Voluma is a bit more expensive than other fillers, but this is more than offset by its longevity. Snyder explains. “We are really seeing 65% of product still being there 18 to 24 months” which is far longer than other fillers on the market.


Is Voluma like Botox?

Plenty confusion still exists between fillers vs. Botox and why one filler may be chosen over another filler. The first signs of aging most patients notice are lines and wrinkles. Some common facial areas include forehead lines, crow’s feet and the “11’s” between the brow. These are lines of expression that can be noticeably smoothed with Botox, a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles underneath. Deeper lines from the outer nostrils to corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), and from corners of the mouth to the jaw (marionette lines), must be “filled” to be minimized.


There are various fillers an aesthetic surgeon may recommend depending upon the depth of the lines. All fillers are not the same. Some are intended to go deeper into the layers of the skin. They are also categorized by viscosity, or thickness. Voluma is not a “line filler” per se, but actually fills the cheeks, recreating the volume lost due to aging. It lifts sagging cheeks and contours the mid face, mimicking a more youthful appearance. Think of it as a 3 dimensional improvement.


Choose the Right Injector 

One point Dr. Snyder emphasizes is the skill and judgement required to properly place this filler. Overfilled cheeks or a disproportionate amount of product in the front of the cheeks can do more to distort appearance than enhance it. “Other fillers are more straightforward in terms of technique. Injector skill level is particularly important with this filler.”

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