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Flirting with Fifty

Flirting with Fifty

Flirting with the ripe old age of fifty? The big 5-O? Scary, huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be! We like to think of it as a time to reflect and make positive choices. A healthy attitude can go a long way to a healthy lifestyle and certainly, healthy milestones!

By Beverly Brooks

3 Surgeons, 3 Different Approaches

We wanted to find out how three of our successful board certified Plastic Surgery Channel surgeons feel about turning 50, how they plan for the future, and what information they offer to their patients so they can be comforted, rather than anxious when approaching mid-life.


Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Water!

Dr. Camille Cash of Houston, Texas shares her secrets to longevity. “Things are starting to change, the critical thing for patients to understand is that it’s not just genetics, it’s also how you treat your body,” she explains. “They complain about their midsection, but there are things we can do to reverse it.”

Before heading down the path of non-invasive and surgical procedures, a great head start is making sure the basics of everyday life are covered:

Drink water – 8 glasses a day

Sleep at night – 8 hours is ideal

Exercise – Pilates or strength training 15 minutes a day; don’t be afraid of weights and resistance training


On a personal note, Dr. Cash’s philosophy is to maintain a busy lifestyle while closely watching her diet. She increases her water intake to stay hydrated and avoids sugar. “Sugar is the number one addiction in this country, people just don’t understand, it is more addicting than heroin.” Sugar is a topic she feels passionate about and educates her patients regarding the effects it can have on their skin.

While sugar is in almost every food we eat, it’s best to avoid the extra sugar. Cash explains that in her opinion, anything in a bag or box is not healthy. So we asked, what is healthy? “Fruits and vegetables, eating natural and consuming fewer processed foods,” believes Cash. She also advocates avoiding ingredients we can’t pronounce.

“It’s okay to splurge, but it can’t be an everyday thing,” she explains. “When you eat better, you feel it. We fight the aging process by taking care of our bodies.”

Improve Collagen

Collagen loss happens quickly in our 30’s, but it can be restored and maintained. Dr. Tiffany McCormack of Reno, Nevada uses Sculptra and Ultherapy to plump up the faces of her female patients. Meanwhile, Botox is used to keep the dynamic lines from becoming permanent and noticeable. “It’s truly a great way to prevent deep, deep lines,” says McCormack.

She tells her patients to stay hydrated with plenty of water, use sunblock, retinoic acid, and a good antioxidant. She suggests trying Vitamin C serums from skincare lines Skinceuticals and ZO.

Fraxel for the Face, Neck, Arms, and Chest

Fraxel is a light therapy which makes the collagen grow, plumping the skin to erase fine lines, even wrinkles. “It’s all about maintenance. I use Fraxel annually to boost my collagen and remove brown spots from the bright southern sun,“ shares Dr. Holly Wall of the Wall Center for Plastic Surgery.

Wall says, “We explain to our patients there may be a little downtime when used on the face, so you may want to have the procedure Friday, and by Monday the redness and swelling will have dissipated. The improvement Fraxel provides on the face, neck and arms is amazing and easily makes your skin appear five years younger.”




All three doctors are unanimous when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook, and keeping it simple while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. So live a little, and flirt with fifty!

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