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The Lunch Time Fix: A Younger-Looking You In 60 Minutes Or Less

The Lunch Time Fix: A Younger-Looking You In 60 Minutes Or Less

We live in a fast-paced world and it’s no different in plastic surgery; quick-fix plastic surgery is on the rise for patients who don’t want downtime. These so-called ‘lunchtime treatments’ are gaining in popularity among both women and men who expect to see a quick change for the better. Sixty minutes is all it could take to rewind the clock and take years off your look.

By Dawn Tongish

Lunchtime Remedies

The lunch break can be the perfect time for a cosmetic tune-up on the run. In the same amount of time it takes to chow down on a turkey and Swiss sandwich, a patient can shed extra layers of fat using a recently developed treatment called, CoolSculpting. The non-surgical fat reduction procedure takes about 60 minutes to get rid of stubborn fat and allows a patient to then go right back to work or school. There’s no downtime, making it much less scary than a surgical procedure like liposuction.


Treatments like CoolSculpting satisfy a growing demand among consumers for the quick and easy in cosmetic surgery. Doctors say patients want shorter recovery times and quicker results, and are looking for treatments that will deliver. “There’s a lot of non-invasive or minimally invasive options for the person who comes in on their lunch hour,” says Dr. Craig Colville. Colville, a plastic surgeon in Toledo, Ohio, says demand for the ‘lunch hour’ pick-me-up is on the rise among women and men who want to look better, but don’t want the hassle of a long recovery. “They want zero downtime and want to go back to work the same day.” Colville says patients are willing to pay more for convenience. “A lot of people will do a minimally or non-invasive procedure, even if it’s more expensive than invasive, just for less hassle and having no downtime.”

Procedures That Work in 60 Minutes

It’s almost crazy to think about sitting in a doctor’s office for 60 minutes and returning to work or school looking rejuvenating, but it happens all the time. During some of the cosmetic procedures, patients are even allowed to watch TV, read a book, listen to music or browse the internet. Plastic surgeons say there are several cosmetic surgery procedures that can be performed in an hour or less. “What comes to my mind when I think about a quick procedure is laser hair removal and that can be done in about 20 minutes,” says Dr. Richard Restifo. Restifo is a board certified plastic surgeon in Orange, Connecticut, where he says patients are asking for lightening fast procedures that leave lasting results.


He often recommends injectables like Botox, which he refers to as “bro-tox” when used on a man. “Botox, or as they call it ‘brotox’ for the guys, all can be done in an hour or less to spare,” he says. Restifo agrees the lunch hour is a good time for busy executives or on-the-go Moms to carve out a little ‘me’ time in an ultra-packed schedule. He says other treatments can fit into the 60 minute time front. “If we only have an hour, it’s possible to do Coolsculpting for body contouring in some areas or use fillers for fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Both of those treatments are effective for both men and women.”

While many of these procedures may require more visits (and perhaps even more dollars) than traditional procedures like a face lift or liposuction, the convenience and ability for a patient to swing by in the midst of a chaotic day is very appealing.

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