No Spin Live… A Desire to Look Like Celebrities

No Spin Live… A Desire to Look Like Celebrities

In this latest episode of No Spin Live, Dr. William P. Adams Jr. and Dr. Jason Pozner discuss patients desiring features of celebrities with anti-aging expert Shannon Leeman. Currently trending is a desire for patients to look as great as Ivanka and Melania Trump, two woman who’ve probably had some procedures done but still look beautiful. When patients desire the look – sometimes even the exact look – of a celebrity and bring in photographs, is this a good thing? Find out in this episode of No Spin Live!


WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: We’ve got a great treat for you today. It’s the first edition of No Spin Live in the United Kingdom. We’ve got two great experts with us. From the UK we’ve got Shannon Leeman who is an anti-aging expert and consultant. Shannon, awesome to have you with us.


WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: And Jason Pozner, who is no stranger to No Spin Live. Jason from Boca Raton, JP great to have you here.

JASON POZNER, MD: Thanks Bill, Thanks Shannon.

WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: Apparently the new craze is a lot of people wanting to look like Ivanka Trump. The question, what do you think about that, but more on the general front, do people really want to look like celebrities? What do you guys think about that?

SHANNON LEEMAN: So I do get people coming to me bringing photographs. But you know Jason, you do a lot of breast surgery. You encourage your clients to bring in photographs I’m sure.

JASON POZNER, MD: Someone might say, ‘I like Angelina Jolie’s lips.’ Or, ‘I like this person’s cheeks.’ What I don’t like is someone brings a nose and says, ‘I want this nose,’ that’s hard. But if someone brings in someone’s breast size and says, ‘I like her size,’ that’s highly appropriate.

SHANNON LEEMAN: I have not had anyone say, ‘I want to look like Angelina Jolie,’ or if we’re talking about Ivanka Trump perhaps, but elements of celebrities I get a lot.

JASON POZNER, MD: The one thing is, I think Ivanka Trump is a very beautiful young woman. I think Melania is a very beautiful woman. What I like about them is they don’t look too done. If you look at them, you’ll say, ‘They look good.’ You don’t see big trout lips, you don’t see big overdone cheeks. I think they both are very beautiful and they actually would look good for our specialty. The trend in the states now is natural-looking. You know, I don’t think natural, but I think they both look beautiful and if all our patients look like Ivanka and Melania they would be very happy.

WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: It’s certainly what people see. You have to agree, someone like Ivanka Trump, a beautiful-looking lady. People see that and it’s visible. It becomes weird when there are these obsessions people have and they have multiple procedures. We’ve covered those types of things like Pixee Fox who’s had hundreds of procedures to look like Barbie, that’s a little obsessive. But yeah, people that want to look good and certainly someone like Ivanka Trump looks great. There’s a lot of things we can do in plastic surgery to make people look better and feel better about themselves.

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