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Getting It Right The First Time

Getting It Right The First Time

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is critical for ensuring a successful result the first time. You want someone with technical know how and expertise, years of experience and a keen artistic eye. Why? Because no one wants to have to have revision surgery. It’s frustrating, and sometimes painful and time consuming.

The goal with any cosmetic surgical procedure is to get it right the first time. Dr. Mark Pinsky of Palm Beach Gardens, FL discusses why this is so important and what to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Artistry Is Key

For Dr. Pinsky, “getting it right the first time is really important.” Over half of the breast augmentation cases that he performs are revision surgeries. It troubles him when he sees patients with hard breasts or breasts that aren’t symmetric. How did those patients come to their decision as to which plastic surgeon to see? Are there factors that can help you choose a plastic surgeon who will get it right the first time?

“Board certification is important, but it’s really critical to choose a plastic surgeon who has a tremendous amount of experience as well as artistry,” explains Pinsky. The last part is what is so hard for patients to figure out, but a plastic surgeon with a keen artistic eye is going to be able to create the right breast for your body.

Getting plastic surgery results right the first time.

In spite all of the sophisticated technology that modern expert breast surgeons have in their office, Pinsky practices an old school technique that he’s been using for 20 years. He has his potential breast patients bring in photos of other women’s breasts that they like. Talking about cup size is not very helpful since bras aren’t standardized. When a good surgeon sees a picture and matches it to patient desires, experience and artistry allow them to see similarities that often the patient herself doesn’t see, but which help them to truly understand the patient’s aspirations.

Trust in a board certified plastic surgeon's consultation.

Why You Want a Chanel

Bottom line, not all breast augmentations are the same just as all handbags aren’t the same. Why is a Chanel handbag so wonderful? Yes, it’s beautiful, but why? It’s the craftsmanship, the workmanship. What happens below the skin once the incision is made on the breast is what determines if your surgery is a Chanel or not. And these results depend on your surgeon. “The problem for me is that when patients base their decision on price… it’s probably going to cost more,” explains Pinsky. The sad truth is 1 in 4 patients are going to need and/or want a re-operation.

The number one reason for revision surgery is capsular contracture. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but being in the proper hands in the beginning reduces the risk of revision surgery which saves you money in the long run.

Dr. Mark Pinsky breast revision before and after.

What are some key factors to help you determine if you are in good hands? Board certification is a given. It shows expertise and experience. While websites are an important tool, they can be misleading since all surgeons put up their “best” before and after photos, so look to see if the surgeon has presented at any of the national symposiums such as ASAPS or ASPS, and, more importantly, have they had peer reviewed publications.

And, when you find someone that you like, book a consultation and ask them about their revision rates. Not all surgeons keep track of their internal data, but how a surgeon answers this question will tell you a lot.

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