No Spin Live Episode 10 – Taylor Swift and Implants?

No Spin Live Episode 10 – Taylor Swift and Implants?

Taylor Swift and Breast Implants — Yes or No?

One of today’s biggest stories is about Taylor Swift’s chest. Did she get “massive breast implants” or not? Dr. Caroline Glicksman of Sea Girt, NJ just saw the story and ran it by her 19 year old daughter who said, “Mom, she got her first pair in 2015 and her second pair about two years ago.” Apparently, Taylor Swift’s fan base all know about her implants and they don’t seem to care.

Did Taylor Swift get breast implants?

They think she’s a role model: beautiful, talented, and a great musician. Dr. Jason Pozner of Boca Raton, FL agrees. “I think she was pretty flat before and now she’s not so flat”. As far as he’s concerned, she looks good so whoever did the work gets a “thumbs up”.

The question is why is this story so sensational? Is it a crime to get breast implants? “Of course not,” replies Dr. Pat McGuire of St. Louis, MO. “I think the only person who should care if Taylor Swift got breast implants is Taylor Swift.” Like all patients, she needs to do what makes her feel comfortable and happy.

Taylor Swift - Breast implants?


Dr. Dan Del Vecchio of Boston, MA seconds that sentiment. If a patient wants a breast augmentation then she should get what she wants. Like Dr. Pozner, he thinks the work looks natural and she looks good so “more power to her”. Dr. Adams concurs that whether or not to get implant is up to the patient although he would not call Ms. Swift’s implants “massive”. They look natural which is exactly the goal of any successful breast augmentation.

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