Extreme Plastic Surgery Procedures

Extreme Plastic Surgery Procedures

Extreme plastic surgery is the winner when it comes to media stories. Tasteful, well-done plastic surgery is rarely newsworthy, for the exact reasons why the results are tasteful! Patients are trending towards desiring natural looks that does not scream augmented, but simply shows some rejuvenation. Often this is simply described as, “looking well-rested.”

And yet, characters still desire extreme augmentations and procedures, and their demands are met. Board certified plastic surgeons discuss some of the more extreme cases as shown in the media, as well as the rise of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The Big Booty is In – or is it?

The Brazlian Butt Lift procedure is heavily on the rise with buttock augmentation making record headway as a requested procedure. Fat grafting to the buttock as a technique has made significant progress in attaining great results, usually without the use of troublesome buttock implants.

“Everybody comes in and they all want to look like Del Vecchio’s butts,” shares Dr. Grant Stevens, noting his PSC colleague’s reputation for the BBL procedure. “They bring in pictures of his crazy posts and all and I say, ‘Look, I’m not into it.’ So I send them to my associate. It’s like, who has the biggest butt? When I read about that 6 foot butt, I wondered if Del Vecchio did her! In any event, I’m getting a lot of requests for crazy, big butts.”

Dr. Dan Del Vecchio’s BBL results are crafted via the unity of patient satisfaction and what is within reason. “You know, what would we say about the guys in Vegas who do the 800cc implants?” he asks. “I think, within reason, you have to give the patient what he or she wants, but within reason is the key. The other good thing is there’s a 2500cc limit on what you can put in each butt, because most states have a 5000cc limit. So if you practice the rules of the road, you can’t make a butt too, too big.”

In particular, the key to great BBL procedures that Dr. Del Vecchio references is contouring the buttock, in addition to adding volume. Fat grafting is not simply removing unwanted fat and placing it in the buttock; the beauty of the procedure is removing, adding, and smoothing out fat to create beautiful contour. Adding volume to a poorly shaped buttock will not make it aesthetically better. However, contouring that buttock to a better shape, as well as contouring of the waist, might even make the same size buttock look better than before. It’s all about a patients’ unique body and how best to augment.

For board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pat McGuire, she doesn’t see the booty craze in St. Louis. “I live in the midwest; we’re much more conservative, so I tend not to see it. My practice is mainly professional patients, people who don’t want it obvious that they’ve had surgery. I think we’re seeing a trend that less is more. I always tell my patients that I want it worthwhile to have surgery and have it be tasteful.”

Extreme procedures in Plastic Surgery.

A Plastic Surgeon Can Always Say No

Another key point that is remiss from the media discussion surrounding extreme plastic surgery is why a surgeon would perform the procedures. Clearly, many requests are abnormal and even may hint at some form of body dysmorphia. It is always up to the surgeon to guide patients away from abnormal requests, and ultimately say no if the patient isn’t receptive to the advice.

“I live in Boca Raton, Florida,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner. “I’m not seeing these crazy big butts; they’re not walking into my office these days. Sometimes the boobs do and we try and get rid of the extreme at this point. I’m not into that stuff, not my style.”

Finding a surgeon that will tell patients no is a great indication of their integrity. Plastic surgeons remain physicians, and the best and most experienced will take their patients health – both physical and mental – into account as priority #1.

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