PSC Launches New Program-No Spin News

PSC Launches New Program-No Spin News

“Patients don’t want spin and we aren’t going to give it to them!”  says  Dr. William P. Adams Jr., Chief medical officer of the plastic surgery channel.

A recent Plastic Surgery Channel survey found  the #1 patient-peeve is they don’t like hype and spin and  desire trusted information.  No Spins News is a fast-paced web format program that provides credible plastic surgeons information on  “Hot” Google News topics.  Patients are confused everyday by plastic surgery misinformation on blogs, websites and broadcast networks.  Using the plastic surgery channel’s expert MD correspondents, No Spin News gives viewers the quick, real answers to relevant news topics.  Adams adds “Mix in some humor and interesting graphics and Bob’s your uncle!”

Check out the  inagaural episode of  No Spin News –    – you’ll be happy you did.


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