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Heidi Montag Bares All

Heidi Montag Bares All

Heidi Montag, star of the MTV hit The Hills, is stirring up trouble again. A common tabloid target for her TV-ready adventures, including a televised marriage to bad boy Spencer Pratt and an extremely short stint on I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, Montag is now gracing the cover of Playboy.

heidi-montag-bikini- Montag drops her duds in the newest edition of the world’s most notorious men’s mag, and everyone is talking.

Apparently Heidi does more than just grace the pages of Playboy–she reads them, too! The Hollywood hottie tells People magazine that the mag inspired her plastic surgery endeavors. “When I was shopping for my boobs, I wanted the best, so I sat down and flipped through a bunch of Playboys.”

So why did Heidi unveil her bikini bod for the entire world to see? Heidi explains in the interview with People that her newly acquired look has boosted her confidence level. Montag also says that her Christian faith in no way hindered her decision.

“I think we’re born naked. We die naked. I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of. I think the body is a beautiful piece of artwork that God created. I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she told the magazine.

Her comments may seem hypocritical, given that Montag isn’t flaunting the body that God gave her, but rather the one she had custom built. Heidi has openly admitted to having both a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to achieve her camera-worthy look.

People Magazine reported her saying, “I plan to get a few more upgrades … I’m sure as I get older I’ll need some touch-ups.” The mag’s site also quoted her saying she wanted to increase her breast implants for her new hubby, Spencer Pratt.

When she was approached about the possibility of appearing on the cover of Playboy and in a spread, the reality star was thrilled. She describes the offer as a “huge honor” and believes that she is in fabulous company.

“Many iconic women have done it — Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone did it, Marilyn Monroe. So it’s a very amazing, well-known magazine,” she said.

Ex-Danity Kane diva Aubrey O’Day is a friend of Heidi’s and completely supports her decision. O’Day appeared in Playboy earlier this year.

Montag’s hubby, Spencer, is also proud of his blushing bride. At the Los Angeles GI Joe premiere, Pratt was seen carrying the magazine with him, and showing it off like a trophy. (Isn’t she lucky to have such a caring spouse, who supports her in all of her endeavors?)

Spencer will undoubtedly have more opportunities to show off his sweetie in the future, given Heidi’s admission that she is definitely not done changing her body — which probably means she isn’t baring all for her adoring fans.

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