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Breast Implants: The Fix For ‘Flat-Chested’

Breast Implants: The Fix For ‘Flat-Chested’

Being ‘flat-chested’ is a condition that plagues many women. It often begins in the early teen years, when a young woman expects she will develop if she has patience. Many times by the early 20’s, when the breasts are still small, the woman may be tired of the jokes and the teasing about ‘looking like a boy.’ Women need to know there are options to end the embarrassment, and that utilizing breast implants doesn’t mean their ultimate look will be unnatural.

Bye, Bye Boyish Look

Some of Hollywood’s sexiest leading women know that flat feeling. They are A-listers like actress, Kate Hudson, singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift and performer, Mariah Carey, who weren’t born with the breast size they desired. When nature didn’t deliver, these women turned to breast augmentation to get the look and the size they wanted. It’s what plenty of women who aren’t in the spotlight are doing to feel more feminine. “I got my breast implants when I was 30 years old. I had wanted them for a a really long time,” says Dr. Anureet Bajaj, a board certified plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Dr. Bajaj knows all too well what its like to feel the sting of teasing for having a ‘boyish’ shape. She grew up very flat-chested and was always self-conscious about her look. She endured the bullying all of her 20s until she decided it was the right time for a breast augmentation. She says implants changed her outlook – giving her new confidence and a natural look. “Most people don’t even know I have breast implants because they just fit me,” she shares. “I can wear what I want to and I feel good about it.”

“I was running because I’m an avid runner and I’m very thin and someone said I looked like an 11-year old boy. That was the last straw for me. I decided at that moment that I was getting implants.” Bajaj hasn’t looked back and has no regrets about getting an augmentation. She says her confidence has improved and it’s much easier to pick out a wardrobe. “It’s probably the best thing that I’ve ever done. I didn’t go really big with the implants. I just wanted to be proportional and have my clothes fit,” she shares. “I feel so good about myself.”

High Satisfaction Rate

Most women who choose a breast augmentation are very happy with the procedure; about 97 percent of patients approve of the surgery after it’s finished. Experts say that may be especially true for a group of women who are known as the ‘super flat-chested’. These are women who essentially have very little breast tissue. They often are subjected to ridicule and teasing and may find it very difficult to shop for clothing.

Breast augmentation for these women can be life changing. “Emotionally it’s huge, it’s such a big change,” said Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a board certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Van Natta sees the emotional transformation in women who suddenly feel more feminine for the first time in their lives after the procedure. “We call these 9-1-1 breast augs. It’s just that important for many of these patients.”

Patients who are ‘super flat-chested’ can expect a very natural result, according to Van Natta. He says that women who receive breast implants look proportional and not at all ‘cartoonish’, which is a big fear for some women. Van Natta uses a mesh material for additional support when using a larger implant to provide volume. This is often the first step to leaving behind the boyish look and embracing the womanly curves that so many of these women desire. “Those women are just off the charts happy. They often felt like boys and some of them even looked that way, so this is a huge turnaround for them,” said Van Atta.

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