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Breast Augmentation Dallas – Dr. Adams

Breast Augmentation Dallas – Dr. Adams
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Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Adams Jr.  is a internationally  recognized expert in breast augmentation.   His special interest in this area has allowed him to make several contributions/ innovations to optimize results for his breast augmentation Dallas practice.

Every woman who considers breast augmentation has her own personal reasons. Some include the following:

  • Enlarging the breasts to make the body more proportional
  • Reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost their shape due to breast-feeding or age.
  • Balancing the appearance of breasts that differ in size or shape

Many women experience emotional benefits from breast augmentation such as enhanced self-esteem, a more satisfying body image and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

No two patients are the same, thus Dr. Adams will individualize your breast augmentation for you and your body.  There is no one implant-type or type of augmentation  that is best for all patients, Just like there is not one type of house or car that best suit everyone.

Fast Track 24 hour recovery is truly a  reality for the breast augmentation patient; however, it  only occurs if the  process of  breast augmentation is followed for any given patient’s care.   This includes structured patient education, tissue-based pre-operative planning, refined surgical technique and  defined post-operative care.  In  our  published studies  98% of  patients were out  back to  normal activities of daily living in 24 hours including shopping the day of the procedure and  out for dinner the same night.  Many patients have considered breast augmentation, but  have  not  proceeded for  fears of   pain and  prolonged recovery.    These same  patients have been trilled at the  ease of their recovery after a breast augmentation procedure.  Interested patients should do their homework and  ask about  the  specifics of  recovery during their consultation.

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