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Breast Augmentation Subglandular vs Subpectoral Mississippi Dr Thornton

Breast Augmentation Subglandular vs Subpectoral Mississippi Dr Thornton

Plastic Surgery Channel expert, Dr. Lee Thornton from Meridian, Mississippi explains the difference between different types of breast augmentation such as subglandular, subpectoral (submuscular) and subfacial.

This is one of the most controversial and confusing topics from a patients standpoint. Most patients have heard different things from friends and from physicians about the placement of breast implants. He clarifies that there are three ways to place a breast implant:   Subpectoral, Subglandular and Subfacial.

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There is really no one correct way to place a breast implant and each type of placement has its own benefits and is more suited to some patients. There are some patients who benefit from placing the implant under the muscle, at other times, unde rthe  breast or under the pectoralis fascia may be an option.

There are other aspects that must be factored in when deciding where to place the implant. The most important thing is to have a surgeon that takes the time to do a complete evaluation taking into consideration the size and shape of the original breasts, the size and shape of the desired breast, how much soft and subcutaneous tissue there is above the implant once it is placed, whether the implant is gel or saline, smooth or textured. All of these things have a part to play in the decision process.

Dr. Thornton dispels the myth that mammograms are much easier to read when implants are placed under the muscle. He clarifies that more and more evidence is becoming available that in the absence of scarring around the implant, or what is called a capsule contracture, mammograms are equally easy to read whether the implant is placed under the muscle or under the breast.

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