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Are Fillers the Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

Are Fillers the Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

When you watch the news at night, how many times do you hear a good story? Not often, because people seem to want to focus on what is bad, not good. The same is true with plastic surgery results! People always believe they can point out a “boob job” or a facelift or a someone who has had botox or facial fillers. Because, once again, they believe that if someone has had something done, they will look done.

By The Plastic Surgery Channel
and Brad Calobrace, MD

Dr. Brad Calobrace, of Louisville, KY, says, “Fillers, in particular, often get sensationalized. We think there are those fillers that make people look like ducks, over inflated, over injected and it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look natural. Of course, if there were 10 people in the room have injectables and 9 look great, then we are always going to recognize the one that didn’t look right.” Bad news and bad results always seem to get the attention, no matter what.

Fillers are one of the best weapons against aging

Dr. Calobrace says it is best to put the concept of fillers being bad to bed as, “They may be the best one thing we have in our armamentarium to make patients look better and more rested, and very natural if it’s done appropriately and by someone who knows what they are doing.” As always, be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in using injectables and fillers. Sometimes it is appropriate for a nurse injector to work under the direction of the plastic surgeon, but often, the areas that need attention require the knowledge and skill of a trained surgeon who has a depth of knowledge of not only the product but of The Natural Looking Neck Lift.

Facial aging is comprised of three categories. The first is changes in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation problems that appear over time due to sun damage and simply time and are the precursors and beginning signs of aging. Secondly, there is loss of volume – fullness in the cheek bones for example. And finally, there is sagging of the skin. In the face that is often first seen in the jaw line and neck. The first step in facial rejuvenation is long term skin care, then restoring volume, then if there is truly excessive sagging, the loose skin must be addressed. And it should be addressed surgically. Trying to use fillers to absorb excessive skin laxity is often what can lead to overdone, and over injected, inflated looks that turn so many away from these beneficial fillers.


Choices in fillers

Today, we have many choices and options of Injectable Fillers at Calospa. The products can truly be tailored to the patient’s needs. Not every filler will leave patients looking like a duck! There is a very thin filler called Restylane Silk – Filler which is perfect around lip lines not giving any lift or bulk but simply filling in those troublesome animation lines than can lead to lipstick color bleed and a distorted lip outline. “It simply fills in the lines and the wrinkles. We call that “airbrush” filling or I call it lipstick filling,” says Calobrace.

If you are doing a cheek, then there are products like Voluma and Perlane and Radiesse that are meant to lift the structures. Dr. Calobrace says, “So if you use the right product in the right location you can deliver results that are predictable and satisfying and they usually last at least one year.”

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