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Why the Daddy Do-Over is a Hot Trend for Men

Why the Daddy Do-Over is a Hot Trend for Men

Most men lead on the go lives, hopping between work and home, juggling career and family. You can imagine, with all the jaunts to the little league games and the occasional night out with the guys, the attempt to stay fit, trim and active has fallen off. Men realize that turning back the clock to the physique of their college years is difficult when middle-age sets in, but the desire to look youthful is still very much alive. That’s how the daddy do-over was born.

By Dawn Tongish
The Plastic Surgery Channel

And Baby Makes… A Fitness Challenge

Many of us know what happens when a baby arrives. There are BIG changes and some of them are physical. There just isn’t time to keep up a slim, fit body. It’s very common for women who are post partum to turn to cosmetic surgery to reshape their body once they are finished giving birth, so why not men? The Mommy Makeover is a well-known overhaul procedure to restore the areas of the body, usually the tummy and breasts most impacted by children. So, what’s the big deal if guys want to look good and feel great in the same middle-age years? As it turns out, men are clamoring for their own ‘re-do’. Similar to the Mommy Makeover, the Daddy Do-Over for men can be a combo of procedures performed in a single surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top cosmetic surgery procedures in 2013 for men were Eyelid Surgery, Male Breast Reduction and Liposuction. It doesn’t surprise Dr. Richard Zienowicz, a plastic surgeon in Rhode Island, that liposuction is a top choice. “For the man in this late forties or fifties, the love handle area is huge, and that is perfect for liposuction.” Zienowicz says if a man uses liposuction the stored fat will be gone for good. “This really is a good option.”

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The “5-Day” Fix

Another popular choice for men who want to wipe away a chronic ‘tired’ look, is eyelid surgery. This surgery removes excess skin from the upper lids or eliminates fat from the lower lids. Zienowicz says Daddy Do-Over patients often seek out this procedure for a well-rested look and he says it is almost instant gratification. “The upper eyelid surgery is amazing. Of all the things we do that is about the most stealthy.” He adds a patient can often go out in public in about a week. “The incisions are invisible, so it’s not unusual to step out in five days,” says Zienowicz.

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Why Non-Invasive Treatments Are So Popular

Busy dads often make lousy surgical patients. They don’t want to take the time for follow up appointments. “Men just don’t want downtime,” says Dr. Rod Rohrich, a plastic surgeon in Dallas. Rohrich says men want to know what options are available for non-surgical procedures that are just as effective for restoring a youthful appearance. With the rise of non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures, men have choices that don’t require the hassle of surgery. “Men are using more Botox and fillers, to soften lines and hide wrinkles and also Kybella to get rid or neck fat. It’s amazing how much that has transformed. ” Rohrich says he has seen a steady increase in the number of men using non-invasive treatments and expects the trend to continue.

It’s time for YOU! Diet and exercise should be part of the plan to get back into ‘pre-baby’ shape, but sometimes it’s not enough – sometimes you need the Daddy Do-Over. Men considering this procedure should always seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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