Patient Seeks to Sell Her Removed Implants on eBay

Patient Seeks to Sell Her Removed Implants on eBay

An interesting story hit the markets of eBay when a breast augmentation patient, who had her breast implants removed after only 11 months, is putting them up for sale. Beyond why she had them removed after such a short period of time, who wants to buy used implants?

Previously Used Implants? On eBay?

“She can sell em, you know? offers board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Del Vecchio of Boston. “They could be nice paper weights, put a bunch of used mail under em. Or you know some people like to stuff their bras with breast implants. I mean I’ve had a few breast implants stolen from my office. I don’t know about you Mark or Bill, people like em. So, they may not necessarily be for re-implantation but you can sell it if you want. It’s a free country.”

While we all can invent what kind of extraordinary – or asinine – uses used breast implants might make for, one thing is certain: they should never be re-implanted into someone’s breasts. Besides the grossly unprofessional idea that a surgeon might reuse implants purchased on eBay, the devices simply are not built for re-purposing in the body.

“They’re soft, they’re squishy, they do make good paper weights, but the last thing you ever want to do is re-implant them,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Epstein of Long Island. “The real fool would be the surgeon who would do that operation because you can’t possibly sterilize them the way they’ve been sterilized in the factory. Plus they’ve been altered, they’ve been worn. There’s going to be signs of wear and you don’t know what the lifespan of the device is. I know the FDA would never allow these breast implants to be re-purposed and re-implanted in this country.”

eBay breast implants.

100% Confirmed: Do Not Reuse Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation Procedures

Is there anything wrong with selling your removed breast implants? Probably not. “You can sell anything you want! As long as someone is there to buy it, you can sell it,” remarks Del Vecchio. Is there anything wrong with attempting to buy breast implants from eBay to use as actual breast implants? Absolutely.

Breast implants are one of the most researched medical devices and have a strict production process. Only a handful of companies are allowed to sell and produce implants in the US, and they are under immensely strict guidelines and sterilization procedures. Upon delivery to a board certified plastic surgeon, even further sterilization procedures are taken to make sure of great, lasting results.

If you want a paper weight, there are probably better options than someone’s used breast implants.

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