No Spin Live Exclusive Interview with Pixee Fox

No Spin Live Exclusive Interview with Pixee Fox

No Spin Live hosts an exclusive interview with Pixee Fox, the famous queen of extreme plastic surgery. Miss Fox was able to join Dr. William P. Adams Jr. and Dr. Jamil Ahmad, both board certified plastic surgeons, to discuss her shockingly extensive plastic surgery and what it means to her and her fans.

Extreme transformation Pixee Fox.

Extreme Plastic Surgery?

Pixee is a celebrity of sorts, owning largely to her massive bodily transformations through plastic surgery and her open, care-free attitude regarding the changes. Often she is seen as the extreme outlier, invoking all sorts of negative opinions and theories about why she has gone to such lengths to alter her body. “When people see your story, and see the different things you’ve done, they immediately jump to, ‘this is extreme plastic surgery’,” says Dr. Adams. “What’s your message back to those people?”

“I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. I’m here to do me and do what’s right for me,” shares Pixee. “I know there are many people out there who get inspired by me. And not just because of my plastic surgery, but because of my spirit. I never back down and always go out and be myself. I don’t change for no one.”

“It’s not just about plastic surgery. It’s about creating a whole life that I love.” – Pixee Foxx

For many patients, stepping into the shallow end of plastic surgery is a feat of it’s own. The decision to alter, enhance, and even sometimes reconstruct leaves most timid. In those moments, a flurry of questions arise, many of which have simple answers if one knows where to look.

Pixee Fox Instagram.

For Pixee, she says she always knew she wanted to entertain. Plastic surgery for a look was never her priority, she claims, but rather to be who she wants to be and have the ability to be open about it.

“I knew since I was 4 years old that I wanted to be an actor,” she says. “I love to act and create; I’m an entertainer! And that’s what I do with my plastic surgery. I post what I find funny.”

The Key to Great Plastic Surgery – Education

Through Pixee’s story, she makes a stand-out point regarding plastic surgery. When she first began her surgical journey, her education regarding procedures and outcomes were lacking. “My first surgeries weren’t successful because I didn’t know anything about surgeries,” she admits.

Perhaps Pixee’s seemingly absurd number of plastic surgery operations can be somewhat lessened in number considering many may have been inappropriate, botched, or simply ill-suited for what her requests were. Board certified plastic surgeons preach day in and day out the importance of the consultation, how getting everything right before even stepping into an OR is paramount. For many who see lesser surgeons – or physicians who aren’t surgeons at all – information can be disregarded for that quick buck.

“There’s no doubt that knowledge is power when it comes to plastic surgery,” says Adams. “We see that a lot, and it is a recurring theme on The Plastic Surgery Channel. There are so many patients out there that end up with bad results and very bad complications and a lot of it is because they’re going to people who aren’t trained properly. Patients have got to do their homework and the more they know the better they do.”

Being Who You Are, No Matter What

Pixee further alluded to an interesting point about how commonplace plastic surgery is – especially the non-surgical procedures such as Botox and fillers – and how those seeking procedures to look great don’t often share. The actresses and actors who dazzle and shine in their 40s and 50s inspire wonder in the general population as to how someone could look that good. Little do they know that most are receiving some help, and no one is planning to share that information.

Being who you are - Pixee Fox.

For Pixee, sharing her story – as wild as it may seem to most – is an important aspect of who she is, and what she hopes to inspire in others. “There’s all these celebrities who do plastic surgery but no one is talking about it, therefore no one learns,” she explains. “I think it’s important to not be ashamed by what you do. It’s important, more people should share their experiences. I think the world needs someone like me, a girl, a patient, not just a doctor. A celebrity who can be open and talk about everything the way I do.”

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