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Pixee Fox — Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Pixee Fox — Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica have committed themselves not to love, but to a shared life of cosmetic procedures, or perhaps plastic surgery addiction. Between the two of them, they’ve had over 350 cosmetic procedures with no end in sight. Pixee, who’d given up on finding a man who could tolerate her plastic surgery obsession, and Justin, who split up with his husband three years ago, may have met on a TV set, but they were brought together by their mutual passion: cosmetic surgery. Now they live together, pursuing their dream to be a real life Ken and Barbie.

Plastic Surgery Addiction

For Dr. Ned Snyder of Austin, TX, there is something wrong with people who try to change their permanent look. What patients like Pixee Fox are doing is not about enhancing or rejuvenating the face or body, it’s about radically altering one’s appearance. In Pixee’s case, she wanted to look like a cartoon character and even went so far as to have 6 ribs removed, has size J breast implants, and even changed the color of her eyes.  Not to be left behind, Justin has already had five rhinoplasties as well as cheek, shoulder, butt, back, and bicep implants.

justin jedlica plastic surgery addiction

Clearly one could say that both Pixee and Justin potentially suffer from plastic surgery addiction, a situation borne from a real mental condition known as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Individuals with body dysmorphia tend to fixate on a quirk in their appearance that to anyway else is nothing, but to the sufferer, is a source of extreme embarrassment and shame. Plastic surgery can become an easy way for people with slight to serious BDD cases to feel better about themselves, but it can also be a slippery slope. “I’m a plastic surgeon but I’m a guy, too,” shares Dr. Shaun Parson of Scottsdale, AZ. “At some point, it just doesn’t make sense.”

While it can be fun to read about how crazy people can be sometimes, this is his profession and from a professional standpoint, what these two are doing is, “ridiculous.”

pixee fox before and after

Good Plastic Surgery Is About Looking Normal

“It’s a bazaar set of circumstances that would lead to this number of procedures,” explains Dr. Robert Whitfield of Austin, TX. “We’re all about trying to manage expectations, to do things properly and safely and this has clearly gone beyond the scope of what we would normally consider to be appropriate in any of our practices.” Furthermore, as Dr. Parson explains, “the sad thing is that they are both very attractive.” Now, when you look at them, they just look like two people who’ve had too much plastic surgery and/or bad plastic surgery. “Everything looks too artificial. Man made,” adds Snyder, which is the complete opposite result that great surgeons aim for.

Great plastic surgery is about looking natural. It is about enhancing and augmenting one’s looks, not altering them. As Parson points out, Pixee and Justin have probably had some good plastic surgery at some point in the 350 procedures, but it’s been completely overshadowed by the extreme. We live in a world of where everyone wants to one up the next person. Parson concludes, “This is just the quintessential example of that.”

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