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Why You Should See a Plastic Surgeon for Treatment

Why You Should See a Plastic Surgeon for Treatment

When it comes to having aesthetic procedures done, the options are endless and seem to be available everywhere you turn. For Botox and facial fillers, you could visit a nurse injector at your local medi-spa, see your dermatologist and sometimes even get injected at your dentist.

With so many  treatment options, do you really need a plastic surgeon? For board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig W. Colville of Ohio, the answer is a resounding YES for several important reasons.

A Plastic Surgeon Knows All Your Options

No person is better equipped to help you manage your appearance as you age than a well trained board certified plastic surgeon.  While other nurses or physician specialties may be able to safely – and effectively – administer non-invasive options, none possess the same in-depth knowledge of the many treatments available across the aesthetic spectrum. So while your dentist may be able to effectively and correctely administer a Botox injection, is Botox what you need?

Plastic surgeon vs. other physicians.

A Plastic Surgeon is Objective When It Comes to Surgery vs. Non-Invasive

“I am a surgeon. I also do injectables, I also do non-invasive, I also do skin care, and I have people with me that are trained in some of these services as well,” says Dr. Colville. “I’m the most objective person you could talk to. If you go somewhere and all they do is Botox, or all they do is an injection, or all they have is one machine, and it’s a machine that’s not really related to their training or their background, I don’t think that’s an objective approach.”

Plastic surgeons like Colville have many tools in their toolbox to help you accomplish your goals. If, for example, you have a stubborn pocket of fat that you would love to get rid of, a plastic surgeon can assess the fat and tell you from experience what the best method of treatment would be. Perhaps you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, or maybe you are a better candidate for liposuction. Only a surgeon who is familiar with both procedures will be able to examine your body and tell you your best option based on experience.

CoolSculpting results from a plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgeons Treat Your Appearance From the Outside and From the Inside

Non-invasive options are attractive to everyone. Busy social calendars, work schedules and family commitments make taking the time to recover from surgery difficult to say the least.  If you want to boost your appearance without extensive downtime, a plastic surgeon is best equipped to guide you toward the best option.  

Dr. Colville refers to non-surgical aesthetic options as approaching the appearance from the outside. “The outside would be things like injectables,” he begins. “Whether it’s a filler, or a neuromodulator such as Botox, or skincare or a peel. Also on the outside is other machine technology. We have focused ultrasound, we have radiofrequency, these are tightener procedures. We have lasers, we have percutaneous radiofrequency, these are all fairly outside procedures.”

Targeted ultrasound by plastic surgeon.

People who aren’t ready for surgery often head down that route first, aware in the back of their minds that someday they may need to approach the problem from the inside, or surgically. Only an experienced plastic surgeon can administer those non-invasive procedures with the knowledge and perspective to know when a different approach is necessary or ideal.

Outside Options vs. Inside Options

  • Fat Removal: CoolSculpt® vs. Liposuction
  • Facial Rejuvenation: Injectable Fillers vs. Facelift
  • Skin tightening: Ultherapy® vs. Surgical Excision

A Plastic Surgeon is Equipped to Establish a Plan Specific to You

By establishing a relationship with a board certified plastic surgeon at the beginning of your journey towards a more youthful appearance, you are able to develop a plan for both the short term and the long term.  


Let’s say you’re in your 30’s and you notice a crease forming between your eyebrows. You may already be aware from conversations with friends that Botox will address the problem at hand. Anyone seeking a cosmetic procedure – even if it’s just Botox – will benefit in the long run from taking the time to build a relationship with an experienced plastic surgeon.   

“When I’m doing work from the outside, I know what’s inside and I know what I may want to change on the inside later,” shares Colville. “We should have a plan for the future. For now, Botox. Later, maybe surgery. In the interim, some filler. All of those things would apply, but we need to have a good record and a good starting point.”

Plastic surgeon from the outside.

Dr. Colville enjoys the time he spends getting to know his patients – their concerns, desires and goals.  He encourages them to bring all their aging-related questions to him.  

In ages past, plastic surgeons documented their patient’s treatments and aging with detailed notes and a photograph in the patient’s file. Colville utilizes advanced three dimensional computer technology. “We have the ability to do 3D imaging and record keeping. We have the ability to do video. People want a natural situation. They want a natural result. Video and 3D imaging is very helpful in that regard,” Colville adds.

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