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Skin Discoloration Treatment Without Discomfort

Skin Discoloration Treatment Without Discomfort

Skin discoloration can now be treated without adverse side effects, such as itching or burning. Learn how treatments from pulsed light therapy to a new topical cream can help in this interview with Dr. Bryan Forley from the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

clearskinPeople experience discoloration on the skin of their faces and hands for a variety of reasons, including hormonal changes, sun damage, surgical procedures, and even pregnancy.

In the past, treatments for this condition included intense pulsed light therapy and hydroquinone, an effective topical cream that produced reliable results. However, hydroquinone also has a variety of side effects, including itching and burning.

But, says Dr. Bryan Forley, some new products, such as Lumixyl, promise results just as effective, without skin irritation.

“The beauty of the product is that it’s very safe, it’s very effective, and it’s very well-tolerated by all skin types,” says Dr. Forley of Lumixyl, which was developed by researchers at Stanford University.

Lumixyl can also be used to prevent skin pigmentation problems as well, when used prior to surgical procedures in which the body’s natural healing response might be to produce excess pigment. “If you pre-treat the patient, and then continue to treat them afterwards, then you can oftentimes lessen or completely avoid the pigmentation issues,” says Dr. Forley.

Lumixyl is a topical cream applied twice a day, and with everyday use most patients should see results within about eight weeks, but can be used for longer periods of time.

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