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Laser Treatments: Younger, Smoother, Clearer… Skinnier?

Laser Treatments: Younger, Smoother, Clearer… Skinnier?

Laser treatments can erase fine lines, eliminate dark spots, remove hair and eradicate tattoos when used by a properly trained practitioner. Can lasers also dissolve fat? Dr. Jason Pozner has some surprising insights in this episode of Plastic Surgery Talk.

PS-Talk-Laser-TreatmentsLasers are helping plastic surgeons create younger-looking, smoother, clearer skin. They are great for erasing tattoos, too. And gone are the days when only people with paler skin with darker hair benefitted from laser hair removal. Now, the treatment is available for all skin colors and types.

Given the wide variety of lasers on the market, it is imperative that the person wielding the wand is skilled to perform the desired treatment. Without proper training, a practitioner can cause burns and skin discolorations, especially when using the incorrect laser for the treatment.

The good news is that in the hands of a well-trained physician, lasers can even “melt” away fat.

In this episode of Plastic Surgery Talk, Dr. Jason Pozner and Tattoo Barbie join host Dr. William P. Adams, Jr. for a closer look at lasers.

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