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Short Scar Facelift Beverly Hills-Los Angeles-Dr.Fodor

Short Scar Facelift Beverly Hills-Los Angeles-Dr.Fodor

Plastic Surgery Channel Expert Dr. Peter B. Fodor from Los Angeles and  Beverly Hills, California introduces us to the latest techniques in facelift procedures called the Short Scar Facelift.

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The Short Scar Facelift is a new alternative facelift technique that is used to reposition and tighten skin and tissue in and around to face as opposed to doing the same with the help of traditional facelift techniques. The short scar facelift is also known by a number of other names such as the “minimal incision facelift” or the “S-lift.” This is a newly developed technique that helps limit the amount of scarring and improves the recovery time of facial rejuvenation techniques.

Most often with facelifts, there are longer scars  due to incisions in various places around the face. These include the scar in the crease behind the ear. This scar here has a tendency to deepen and widen and become more noticeable than in other areas of the face. Moreover, incisions made behind the ear can cause a permanent change in the hairline and therefore the patient may forego some ways of styling their hair.  In a short scar facelift, the incision is made in front of the ear and doesn’t go behind the ear and into the hairline like other facelift incisions. Due to the fact that the incision is smaller and has to be made more accurately, this is a challenging procedure for a plastic surgeon and must be performed with care.

One of the benefits of the short scar facelift, as performed by Dr. Fodor is that the pull is in an entirely diagonal vertical direction as opposed to pulling the facial tissues from front to back which creates a wind tunnel kind of appearance. What is different in the technique is that in some facelifts the  mobile face tissue is attached to other mobile tissues and so the fixation is not that stable.  Dr. Fodor practicing in Beverly Hills/ Los Angeles area uses a technique where the facial tissues are attached to a fixed structure called the temporal facia thereby creating longer lasting results and also giving a better overall look to the facelift. Short scar facelifts are not  for all patients, but  when  performed properly may  offer  benefits to  selected patients including a relatively short recovery time with less bruising and redness.  Patients must understand that the short scar facelift is generally a little limited in providing correction to sagging tissue and skin in the neck area as compared to traditional facelifts.  Interested patients in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area should contact  Dr. Fodor for questions.

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