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EuroThreads – The Non-Surgical Facelift

EuroThreads – The Non-Surgical Facelift

It has been said that “invisible threads are the strongest ties.” Perhaps that same thought can be applied to a newer revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique, EuroThreads. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ned Snyder IV explains the non-surgical procedure that utilizes dissolvable threads to restore a youthful facial appearance.

The Non-Surgical Option

It can be difficult to decide when is the appropriate time for a facelift. There’s no doubt that most people push off the idea as long as possible for many reasons, according to experts like Dr. Snyder. “Sometimes people aren’t ready for a facelift, either psychologically or from a physical standpoint, because they don’t want the long recovery.”

Snyder says for those people there is a non-surgical option which tightens and smooths skin on the face and neck using fine threads. The procedure, known as EuroThreads, has already been in use internationally.. “It’s newer here in the United States, but it’s been used in Canada and Europe for awhile,” shares Snyder.


How the Lift Works

The EuroThreads are placed under the skin to help lift cheeks, jowls or other parts of the body – including the belly button. Snyder says the threads are inserted using a needle and the thread is left behind, under the skin. He explains there are a couple of different EuroThreads. “The barbed (EuroThread) sutures are longer and we place these in the same layer of tissue as we do when we do a facelift.” Snyder says the procedure mimics a facelift, but in a non-surgical way. “We use the barbed sutures to elevate and pull and they are anchored deep as well, so we are kind of using the same vectors that we use in the facelift to elevate soft tissue under the skin and get some non-surgical type of facelift improvement in the face.”

EuroThreads procedure.

Snyder says the results aren’t as dramatic as a facelift, but the patient will see a more youthful, firm look that will last about 18 months. “So it’s not really replacing a facelift, but it’s a perfect tool for that patient who might not be ready for a facelift.” Snyder says patients like the idea that it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake using EuroThreads. “I think another real positive from these, is it’s reversible,” he explains. “If we put a suture in and they don’t like it, we just take it right out and they have a bruise where the needle went through, but that’s the extent of it.”

What To Expect

Snyder says the EuroThreads also work to improve the quality of the skin over time, which then works to erase fine lines and wrinkles. He says a second type of thread, which is smooth, is placed deeper in the skin and works more like an injection of filler. “This is a bit like fillers because it’s placed in the deeper layers of skin, as opposed to the barbed threads which are placed just below the skin,” he details. “This allows your body to build collagen, which thickens and the skin gets healthier as a product of the placement and it helps with the wrinkles.”

Clean lift with EuroThreads.

The treatment has no downtime, compared to treatments like laser resurfacing which Snyder says could take weeks to recover. “It would take up to two weeks for the face to really heal from a laser treatment, but with the smooth threads, there may be a little bruising, but it can mostly be covered up with makeup.” He says the procedure is fairly straight forward and simple, performed in his office with a numbing cream. “We apply the cream and then use a local anesthetic. Some people feel some pressure, but not any pain, so it’s not a big deal.”

Snyder says almost all of his patients leave happy with the procedure. “The results are immediate and most people walk out and feel great,” he shares. “This really helps buy them a few years until they are ready for a facelift.”

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