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What To Know Before Getting A Facelift

What To Know Before Getting A Facelift
The facelift is one of the most popular procedures for people over 50, and even 60, years old. It’s the procedure people turn to when the face in the mirror doesn’t look like themselves any longer. More than that, modern patients aren’t looking to have their facelift seen; they’re looking for natural results. As board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Hamawy discusses, the facelift, coupled with other procedures, can deliver a powerful one-two punch toward natural facial rejuvenation.

Good vs. Bad Facelift

Most people know a good facelift from a bad one. The result will be that evident, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Hamawy. “Everyone has seen a bad facelift on TV, or maybe you’ve seen a movie star who looks different, and then you start to think about what they did to change their appearance,” says Hamawy.

Hamaway says on the flip side, if you pay attention, you’ll notice many people who appear to look different, but in a good way – and it could very well be plastic surgery. “However, everyone has seen a lot more good facelifts, which they haven’t realized and they wonder why does that person look so good, or why do they not look their age or how could they be 60 years old,” he explains. “Those are the good facelifts and that is what you should be thinking about with a facelift.”

Designing a natural facelift.

Do I Want/Need A Facelift

It can be difficult to decide if a facelift is the right decision. If you already feel confident, then a facelift could be the right procedure to help you improve and restore your natural self-image, according to experts. “Getting yourself looking the best that you can, looking natural, feeling rested, while nobody around you knows what you have done – that’s really what a facelift is about,” says Dr. Hamawy.

He says some adults want to refresh their face and are looking for a jumpstart in the job market. If you work in marketing, sales or any job that requires a lot of personal interaction – a facelift can provide a boost in confidence. This is a key point that many misunderstand – plastic surgery, and facelifts in particular, aren’t necessarily for other people; they’re to enliven and boost the personal confidence of the patient. Hamawy says the best way to determine if a facelift is right for you is to talk with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

Facelift patient - Dr. Hamawy.

“First, it’s a conversation, and from there we try to understand the patient’s goals and after that we understand what they want and try to get there.” He says it’s important to set expectations and understand there are limits to what can be achieved. A good result is one that is difficult to detect, while a bad one is easy to spot. “A bad facelift is one that’s too much because it’s overdone, and a good one looks natural and really just looks like you, except a better version.”

What To Expect

There’s no amount of plastic surgery that will repair a broken marriage, or help a failed career; it’s important to understand what is possible with a facelift. Dr. Hamawy says that’s why he helps his patients set realistic expectations. “We go over real before and after photos, so they know what a facelift is and what to expect.” He says the procedure typically involves the lower face and upper neck. “Basically, we are taking care of the jawline and some sagging skin under the neck and under the chin,” he explains.

Facelift patient #2 - Hamawy.

Hamawy says eyelid surgery may be needed to complete the look. “We will also do upper and lower eyelids, brow lifts and package it together and really do a whole facial rejuvenation – that’s how we get the best results.” He gives patients options to consider for the long term and some may decide to wait on surgery until they have a complete recovery plan. “Instead of next month I am going to start in three months, and take time off and get things in order, it sets proper expectations of what is possible and lets them organize their life and get the best result,” he shares.

While the facelift is seemingly a scary or off-putting surgery, modern results speak for themselves. Providing a new lease on life for patients continues to do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence, positive emotions that radiate outwards, noticeable to the folks in their lives.

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