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Avoid Wrinkles and the Scalpel with Injectables

Avoid Wrinkles and the Scalpel with Injectables

Injectables – products like Botox, Juvederm, and Dysport – are adding volume, eliminating fat, and smoothing wrinkles all without a scalpel and surgery. According to 3 leading US plastic surgeons, here are 3 injectable treatments that really work and provide viable anti-aging results!

1. Neurotoxins – Botox is almost synonymous with anti-aging

For almost 15 years, Botox has been a saving grace for women and men looking for the fountain of youth! Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 for cosmetic use in reducing the appearance of frown lines.

Only recently in 2013 was it also approved to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Together, these two uses are often referred to as a “brow lift in a bottle.”

A man receives a Botox injection.

“The treatment is effective and relatively inexpensive with no down time,” says Dr. Brad Calobrace, of Louisville, Kentucky. Botox works by paralyzing muscles that control frown lines and prominent wrinkles associated with aging. The results usually last for about 3 months.

Other options in the neurotoxin arsenal, like Dysport, have appeared on the market and appear to be ready to give Botox some valid competition.

2. Filling Injectables, or “Fillers” – Voluma, Juvederm, Radiesse

Historically, plastic surgeons always pulled and tightened to produce an anti-aging effects, usually in the form of a facelift. Recent research has shed light on the fact that fullness (volume) in the face is what provides that youthful look. Christine Hamori, MD of Boston, Massachusetts, explains, “We all know as we age our face begins to sag, we get jowls and we get hollow, causing our cheeks to go down. That is why we look younger when we smile, because our cheeks get lifted.”

Facial fillers like Voluma add volume to areas of the face where time has eroded it away. Juvederm and other fillers can fill lines and wrinkles, plumping them up to take years off your appearance.

A woman receives a filler injection.

3. Deoxycholic Acid – or more commonly known as Kybella

One of the latest and greatest injectables to hit the anti-aging scene is Kybella. If you avoid selfies or profile photographs because of the nagging double chin, why not try injecting Kybella and letting the needle do all the work with no down time and no anesthesia?

Dr. Shaun Parson of Scottsdale, AZ, says, “Kybella is one of the best anti-aging, non-invasive treatments to ever hit the plastic surgery market.” A little sting from a needle to avoid the recovery of a real operation is a small price to pay and can push back the years making you feel fresh and young again.

Neck lift with Kybella.


Drs. Parson, Hamori, and Calobrace all agree that injectables don’t replace surgery but used correctly and in timely manner can delay the need for going under the knife. Interestingly, they also say using injectable treatments along with and following facial rejuvenation surgery can make the results last longer!

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