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Vampire Facelift New York City – Dr. Paul Lorenc

Vampire Facelift New York City – Dr. Paul Lorenc

Vampire faclift New York City!  Dr. Paul Lorenc a board certified plastic surgeon from New York City and  medical advisory board member of the Plastic Surgery Channel talks about the “Vampire Facelift.”

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What is the Vampire Facelift?

Dr. Lorenc describes the newest facial treatment to hit the shelves – the Vampire Facelift. This isn’t really a traditional facelift but is a variation of a dermal filler. It is the latest permutation of new filler which is essentially the patient’s own blood that is used for the treatment. In this procedure, the plasma or a portion of the blood is extracted and drawn out and then processed. The result is plasma with a lot of platelets and this plasma is then injected back into the skin of the patients. This product injected back into the skin stimulates collagen growth in the body.

Does the vampire facelift really work?

vampire faceliftThis procedure, however, is in its early stages and hasn’t been tested much. Sometimes, the media gets ahead of itself and publicizes techniques that haven’t been properly researched with  catchy names and   a lot of spin and hype.  At the moment, there isn’t much scientific research on the Vampire Facelift, but it certainly looks like a promising technique that should be investigated.    Good  research will tell us whether or not it  has a place in the  treatment of adding volume to the face.

Dr. Lorenc has specialized in facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement and body contouring. He continues to be closely involved in research and development of new advances in aesthetic surgery. He is considered a pioneer in the development of the new generation of dermal fillers and is a leading authority in facial anatomy.  His  practice is based in New York City.

Browse this site for more information on the  vampire facelift and new york plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lorenc.


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