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Plastic Surgery Before a Live Audience

Plastic Surgery Before a Live Audience

Plastic surgery before a live audience sounds a little unusual.  It’s actually a way for plastic surgeons all across the country to learn a new breast augmentation technique that’s getting a lot of attention.

By Carolynn Grimes

Breast Augmentation SpecialistWilliam P. Adams, Jr. MD, a board certified plastic surgeon from Dallas, Texas will conduct what a  refined breast augmentation technique that includes fast-track 24 hour recovery.

The surgery demonstration is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia at the 28th Annual Breast Symposium.  The purpose of the surgery is to teach his colleagues a precise way of doing a breast augmentation that leaves the patient with less trauma, relatively no downtime and a very natural looking result. Adams says, “This teaching demonstration will show how to refine the procedure and improve patient outcomes.”

The patient involved in the surgery is Cari Murray, a 35 year-old Texas mom who says she can’t wait to see her body restored back to the way she used to look before children.

Murray says, “I chose Adams not only because of his fast track 24 hour recovery, but also because of his professional demeanor during our consultation.” Murray says what appealed to her was the open communication and being able to determine exactly what she wanted in her breast surgery. She’s looking for a natural looking breast that fits her frame without being too big or too small.

As she waits for the surgery, Murray seems optimistic and upbeat, eager to see her new self.  It’s typical for Adam’s patients to either go back to work, go shopping, or just go through their normal activities on the same day of the procedure, without narcotics.

Tune in tomorrow to to see the actual surgery procedure taking place and the outcome for Murray as she goes from surgery to recovery.

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