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Cellulaze – The New Anti-Cellulite Cure?

Cellulaze – The New Anti-Cellulite Cure?

Many ads are calling it the anti-cellullite cure. It’s a new in-office laser procedure called Cellulaze. Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Cellulaze claims to have long lasting results in the battle against cellulite. Studies show the majority of adult women have some degree of cellulite or dimpling of the skin, most often affecting the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.

By Carolynn Grimes
The Plastic Surgery Channel

Heredity is the biggest factor in cellulite

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor of Beverly Hills, California says weight gain can make cellulite more noticeable but heredity plays an even bigger role in determining if you will have a problem with cellulite.  “Nobody really knows what causes cellulite, however we do know it’s more likely to happen to people whose parents have cellulite,” says Fodor. Many doctors believe that stress and an inactive lifestyle can also contribute to cellulite.

What is Cellulaze and how does it work?

Cellulaze Before and AfterA board certified plastic surgeon from Boston, Massachusetts Dr. Christine Hamori, says the Cellulaze procedure works differently than other anti-cellulite products and devices. “Cellulaze uses a side sweeping laser, that tears or burns through the septae allowing the fat to lie more smoothly, therefore removing the appearance of dimpling of the skin,” says Hamori. She says, it’s an office procedure, performed through a tiny incision, it’s basically painless and the recovery is quite easy.

Dr. Jason Pozner, a board certified plastic surgeon from Boca Raton, Florida says it takes a few months to see the result, patients need to wear a constricting garment for a short time and there can be some bruising and swelling, but he says the results look phenomenal at this early stage.  Dr. Fodor isn’t convinced just yet. He says Cellulaze has shown some sporadic results but there hasn’t been enough research to back up the claims.

Is Cellulaze the answer?

Previously, the most common treatment to improve the look of cellulite has been suction therapy or endermology which stretches out the septae or the constricting bands that give the look of quilting on the skin. Pozner says there were a lot of devices on the market that provided temporary relief.  “There were heating devices, massage devices and creams, but none of them work very well.”

Some surgeons believe this is the newest and best technology on the market today, while others are taking a more cautious approach. They’re waiting for additional scientific data to prove the value this new technology holds for their patients. If the appearance of cellulite is bothering you, schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to see what your best options are for treating the problem.

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