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Right On The Nose!

Right On The Nose!

It’s in the middle of your face and can draw more attention than even your eyes. Surgical procedures performed on the nose can have dramatic effects on a patient’s appearance and inner confidence. Dr. Stephan Finical is here to talk about his experience the rhinoplasty procedure.

By: Stephan J. Finical, MD
and Chris Knisley

The Nose Trinity

“There are several things that people typically ask me about with rhinoplasty.” Does the bridge of your nose have that regal hump? Is the tip rather bulbous? Maybe your nose just isn’t proportional to the rest of your face. Prospective rhinoplasty patients enter Dr. Stephan J. Finical’s practice in Charlotte, North Carolina wondering what can be done to perfect the appearance of this delicate olfactory organ.

A Fresh Start

Young-adults-rhinoplasty“When I operate on people, they’re typically at a transition in life.” While older people tend to have grown into their noses, young people can tolerate a change. However, Dr. Finical recognizes the importance of waiting for surgery until major growth has stopped.

High school graduates, college graduates, or those in their twenties and thirties that may be changing jobs or locations or both – these are the primary candidates for rhinoplasty. While Dr. Finical does not attempt to engineer a better nose, he finds great value in precision. Plastic surgery is a science but it is also an art form as surgeons search for the solutions that will please their patients’ sense of aesthetic.


Mens faces will often be on the move until they are twenty-one or twenty-two. With women, Dr. Finical asks how long it has been since a change in shoe size. If women have not changed their shoe size in several years then it’s safe to say they’re ready to talk options.

A feminine nose, according to Dr. Finical, “should have a bridge that projects less than the tip” in contrast to a masculine nose that should run flat from bridge to tip. A woman’s nose should turn up ever so slightly to maintain a smooth set of curves from lip to brow. It follows that a man’s nose would protrude perpendicularly from the upper lip to achieve strong angles and straight lines from lip to brow.

A Few Degrees

Recovery can range from a couple weeks to a month depending on the severity of change. After the first week, stints & stitches are removed. The second week usually sees the swelling & bruising fade. Soreness may last another couple weeks.

Dr. Finical sees an influx of interest during the summer months as people get ready to open a new chapter. Sometimes an adjustment of just a few degrees can give a person a new confidence that may profoundly resonate into the rest of their lives.

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