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Men Want Plastic Surgery, Too, Just Different Procedures and Surgeries

Men Want Plastic Surgery, Too, Just Different Procedures and Surgeries

Nose jobs, tummy tucks, liposuction; it isn’t just women going under the knife to look good. Men are working on their bodies too, to look better and feel more confident when they enter a room. Believe it or not, there are societal pressures for men, just like women to maintain good looks and for some that means turning to plastic surgery. Men, young and older, are flocking to plastic surgeons for procedures both surgical and non-invasive. It is part of a growing trend that once was considered taboo; men getting plastic surgery.

By: Dawn Tongish
The Plastic Surgery Channel

rotator-Popularity-Among-Men copyMen Want Plastic Surgery Too: Just Different Procedures and Surgeries

William Kostankis often browses Men’s Health magazine and the feelings of insecurity start to creep in when he looks at the pictures of perfection starring back at him.

“The men look so great and you see girls flocking to people like that and they also seem to really check out the celebrities who look good.” The 20-something college student agreed to talk to the makers of a documentary about what it is like to be a man and feel the pressures of a world that favors the good-looking. Kostankis has always felt self-conscious about his nose.

“I feel like it is going to swallow my face. I don’t like the way it looks.” The young man finally decided to have rhinoplasty and other procedures when a girl insulted the way he looked after he asked her to dance.” I went up to the girl and she said, I don’t do this (waving his hands in a circular motion about the face). I knew then that I wanted to get the surgery.”

It is a growing trend among not just younger men, but older men who want to change their appearance. You are just as likely to find a men’s magazine in a plastic surgeon’s office, as a read for a woman. Men are seeking out procedures and surgeries to help them improve their looks. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last year more than 1,000,000 men had plastic surgery procedures and the numbers continue to climb. Men aren’t just content to see their wives or girlfriends getting a refreshed look or a pick-me up with a little Botox, they want the same experience.

The Eyes Have It

eyelid-surgery-7Men may have different goals when they turn to a plastic surgeon for a better look. Experts say the top picks for men are often liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose work) and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). The eyes seems to be among the most popular place to start, according to plastic surgeon, Dr. Stafford Broumand.

“The eyelids, the extra eyelid skin and the bags under the eyes or the extra neck skin; that is what a lot of men want to address,” says Dr. Broumand.

Dr. Broumand says unlike women who tend to go for lifts, men also want reshaping and contouring to get rid of unwanted fat. They are turning to liposuction to dump the love handles or even non-invasive techniques, like CoolScuplting, to get rid of belly flab. This is often after traditional gym routines didn’t work.

“They (men) are eating well, exercising and can’t lose the mid-section. We have options from the non-surgical to the surgical to improve that.” Dr. Broumand admits that he was skeptical of the procedures for men, but then tried the eyelid surgery on himself with amazing results.

Less Down Time Draws Males

With many of today’s plastic surgery techniques, a man can have the procedure on a Thursday and be back to work by Monday. Experts say little down time is a big draw to many men who don’t want to miss a lot of work with a big surgical procedure that could require weeks of recovery time. Quick and easy are big draws for men.

“Clearly, new technology is making it easier for them,” says Dr. Rick Zienowicz. The plastic surgeon who practices in Rhode Island has seen a spike in the number of men using injectibles, like Botox to erase fine wrinkles. “It is a no-brainer. It works quickly and it is predictable. It is also low cost and no down time. The results last between three and six months.

Zienowicz says Botox is one procedure that seems to have all of the factors that are appealing to men, adding that is was just a matter of time before plastic surgery caught on with men.

“Like anything it just takes a few years, before men realize that this shouldn’t just be for women. Looking good is for everyone.”  Men do want to make sure they are choosing the right procedures to help them look good and sometimes those can differ from what women pick, experts say.

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