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Is the show Botched a good thing for patients to see?

Is the show Botched a good thing for patients to see?

Before a lot of people ever consider that they might have a plastic surgery procedure done, they’ve probably been exposed to plastic surgery reality TV shows. Whether or not they were fans of the shows or only knew a little about them, a seed has been planted in their minds about plastic surgery. Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., and Dr. Holly Wall, both board certified plastic surgeons from Shreveport, debate whether this national attention is a positive or negative thing for patients considering plastic surgery.

By Simeon Wall Jr., MD and Holly Wall, MD
and Adam McMillon
The Plastic Surgery Channel

What does the public know about plastic surgery anyway?

Have you seen the newest reality TV show about plastic surgery? It’s called, Botched, and we can’t help but wonder, what kind of impact does the show have on potential plastic surgery patients and the general viewing population? Seeing some of the circus-like procedures and problems associated with botched surgeries, is eye-opening to say the least!


“I’ve had a lot of patients bring it up to me,” says Dr. Holly Wall. “I’m not sure it’s the right message.”

“It’s clearly made for TV and therefore sensationalized,” says Holly’s husband and practice partner, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., “I think that’s the way they’re going to get a lot of viewers. That being said, sure, there are things we don’t like, but it does bring to light some of the things we see daily. We’ve all had breasts and abdomen redo’s and feel like the clean-up doctors.”

Revision surgery is real!

Show Segments.00_04_04_02.Still008The subject behind Botched is a legitimate and serious area in plastic surgery; sometimes the healing process can botch results and surgery can go awry from an inexperienced surgeon. Board certified plastic surgeons, those trained to the peak of experience and knowledge, deal often with revision cases, working to undo complications that may have happened naturally or from mistakes by another physician.

“I guess Botched does bring to light patients who’ve gone elsewhere and had a surgery go awry,” says Holly Wall. “It helps patients know that it’s not like trying on a dress, it’s a permanent change. In that regard, these shows can be helpful.”

One hard lesson that many show “contestants” and real-life revision patients have to learn is you usually get what you pay for especially when it comes to surgically modifying your body. As Holly noted, having a procedure is completely different than going out to buy a dress. Heading the cheap route puts your results, time, and investment at risk, as well as your life. Researching and consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience under their belt is the best way to ensure better results and your safety.

Botched and other shows have shown that so many different types of ‘doctors’ are out there willing to do and inject anything,” says Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., “It’s so important for patients to know that they have to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon so they don’t get botched themselves.”

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