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The No Pain, No Drain Tummy Tuck!

The No Pain, No Drain Tummy Tuck!

The abdominoplasty procedure, or tummy tuck, can bring about a great restoration to the midsection. All of the stretch marks, loose skin and loose muscles can be effectively reversed, giving women (and men) their midsection back. Even with powerful results, the downsides of a tummy tuck are glaring. Discomfort, the inability to move normally, and drains hanging outside of your body could be reason enough for some to avoid the procedure. But not anymore!

Dr. Michael Schwartz, a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, describes the techniques he utilizes to eliminate these problems. His tummy tuck patients never have to deal with drains, as he performs a more modern procedure that eliminates their need. Pain and discomfort? One new medicine available to surgeon’s keeps pain at bay for 3 days following surgery, just enough time to get you through the worst of it. The time is now to reverse baby damage and massive weightloss, a drain and pain free tummy tuck is here.

By Michael R. Schwartz, MD
And Beverly Brooks
The Plastic Surgery Channel

A flabby abdomen can be flattened and reshaped with an abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck. It’s a popular procedure for women after they have had all of their children, undergone massive weight loss and/or aging, which has affected their body contour and skin elasticity

wp1Pain Reduction 

Those first three days after abdominoplasty can be critical. That’s why controlling the pain with the non-narcotic drug Exparel is proving to be so effective. The breakthrough drug allows patients to be up and about sooner, without suffering side effects. Once Exparel has worn off, patients do well with simply using over-the-counter pain medicine to ease their discomfort.

Benefits Of Eliminating Drains

A modern surgical technique is available which minimizes post-operative care and eliminates drains called the progression tension suture technique. Instead of laying the skin back on top of the muscles and having a drain provide pressure to heal the area, surgeons progressively stitch the abdominal skin down to the muscles as they go, eliminating the need for a drain.


“This all revolves around using a different technique, it doesn’t change the result,” says Michael R. Schwartz, MD  “Our patients can move around freely and even be back to work and life much sooner. My patients say ‘oh my gosh, this is so much better than I expected.’ It’s an exciting time in plastic surgery when we can perform a life altering procedure (changing body contours) that is virtually painless, as well as being less cumbersome to the patient and family members.”

When to Consider a Tummy Tuck

  • You have flab and excess skin in your abdomen that doesn’t improve through diet and exercise
  • The shape of your abdomen has been affected by pregnancy, massive weight loss or aging
  • You feel your protruding abdomen is unattractive and affects your level of confidence

After having children, many women notice changes in their body that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise alone. Commonly, there are new areas of fat deposit, stretching of the abdominal muscles and skin, and even stretch marks that were never present before pregnancy. Many women have worked very hard to correct these problems, only to be frustrated with their results.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most patients report improved self-esteem as a result of this procedure.


Benefits of Consultation Prior to Selecting Surgeon

The most important visit with your plastic surgeon besides the surgery itself is your initial consultation. You will be able to discuss your goals, concerns and specific desires.

“You should also be interviewing your prospective surgeon,” says Dr. Schwartz. “You should feel your surgeon would care for you as if you were part of his or her own family.” Do not shop for price alone. Ask your friends who have been pleased with their results. It’s always best to select a board certified plastic surgeon for the best results with the least complications.

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