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Male Plastic Surgery and “Bro-Tox”

Male Plastic Surgery and “Bro-Tox”

Love handles, facial lines and man-boobs; they’re real concerns for today’s man. The pressure to look fresh, youthful and happy is being felt among men, just as it with women.

By Louis P. Bucky, MD
and Beverly Brooks
The Plastic Surgery Channel

MAre Men Good Candidates For Injectables and Skincare Regimens?

“Men are extremely good filler patients,” says board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lou Bucky in Philadelphia. In addition to fillers, cosmetic surgery and other treatments, Dr. Bucky is also bringing skincare to the forefront. It’s always been in place for women, but now skincare opportunities for men are increasing.

“A lot of men have been playing sports, and working outside without wearing sunscreen, we feel this is a good opportunity for us to educate men on the importance of sunblock and skin moisturizing.”

Dr. Bucky’s practice offers a full line of cosmetic skin care products that complement in-office treatments.  Antioxidants, emollients, and sunscreens actively work to prevent future damage while retinols stimulate cell turnover and slow the signs of aging.  Bucky carries his own line of skincare products along with professional lines including:

  • SkinMedica®
  • iS Clinical®
  • PrecisionMD®
  • Revision® Skincare
  • Derma MD®
  • Teoxane®
  • Revision®

Facelifts For Men

Facelift results vastly differ for men and women. Bucky says it’s easy for a man to appear “overdone” as their tolerance, skin texture and muscle fibers make the surgery more unpredictable. Generally, men have stronger ligamental supports, bigger faces, heavier necks, and more vascular skin, which in the hands of an inexperienced plastic surgeon can have poor outcomes.


Chubby Tummy Solutions

As we age, the mid-section seems to take the biggest hit! That goes for men and women. Men frequently complain about “love handles”, that extra fat that tends to accumulate around the waistline.

One of the most popular non-invasive procedures involves CoolSculpting, an FDA approved device that cools an area of pinchable fat in a simple one-hour procedure. “Men can also be good candidates for Sculpt360,” says Bucky. Sculpt 360 is a proprietary process Dr. Bucky’s office uses to enhance CoolSculpting results. One treatment can often reduce at least 20% of fatty tissue located in targeted treatment areas with little to no downtime.


CoolSculpting employs precisely-controlled cooling to remove fat. It targets only fat cells, leaving skin and other surrounding tissue unharmed. Following the procedure, the body will gradually eliminate fat cells in the targeted area over about a three month period.

Male Menopause And Man Boobs

It’s a hot topic and a lot of research is still being compiled. However we do know that in midlife, hormonal changes take place for everyone.

“Aging men can be very sensitive to man boobs or what is medically termed gynecomastia. They want to look good in tight fitting trendy clothes, and they also want to feel confident without a shirt,” says Bucky.

It’s recommended that all patients seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon before deciding on any surgical procedure whether it’s for a facelift, gynecomastia or fat removal.

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