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Say Goodbye to Fat With No Downtime!

Say Goodbye to Fat With No Downtime!

Busy lifestyles can often stymie a trip to the gym. Your exercise regimen is pretty good, but not intense enough to melt that last bit of fat on your abdomen and love handles. If only there were someway you could burn that last pinch you can grab without impacting your daily routine…

This was the idea behind CoolSculpting, and the thesis of thousands of success stories from patients who’ve achieved just that: fat removal with no downtime. Dr. Stephan Finical of Charlotte helps his patients achieve similar goals with CoolSculpting, and has even undergone the procedure himself! Here he describes his own experience and further cements the notion that fat removal without surgery is not a dream, but a reality.

By Stephan J. Finical, MD
and Adam McMillon
The Plastic Surgery Channel

Freezing Away Fat

CoolSculpting works across an interesting medical process called cryolipolysis, or the destruction of fat cells through freezing temperatures. By cooling off an area of fat, cryolipolysis freezes the cells and they slowly die and are reabsorbed into the body over time. The entire procedure takes no more than an hour for each site, and often two sites can be done at the same time when necessary. What’s even better is CoolSculpting  involves no anesthesia and minimal discomfort.

“The great thing about CoolSculpt is you’re going to get some reduction of the fat layer without having surgery and really without having a recovery,” explains Dr. Finical.


Does it really work?

Seemingly great results are displayed in ads and in physician’s before and after pictures for fat reduction. But even with before and after pictures, some patients may still question whether it’s going to work for them and if there really is no downtime.

“I had it myself!” says Finical. “I was out to dinner the night I had it done, the next day I ran 5 miles, and the day after that I rode on an airplane. It really didn’t impact my lifestyle at all, which is why it’s really popular with men.”

Although men and women tend to show fat in different areas, the CoolSculpting procedure works for both men and women.  Men tend to gain weight around the waist and women often request treatments for not only their waistline but the outer thighs, and back area where they may show bra fat. The point is, CoolSculpting reduces fat cells in these areas for long-term results.


OK so there’s no recovery, but when will I see results?

The CoolSculpting procedure lacks a recovery and downtime, but results require a bit of patience. Surgical fat removal via liposuction has an immediate affect, but it takes some time for cryolipolysis to work its magic.

“The results are going to be over time,” explains Finical. “The best result is about 3-4 months after surgery, but what you’re going to see with results is a slow taper. Many people will require more than one treatment, but in an active lifestyle with no downtime, it’s worth it.”



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