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Nip and Tuck for Men

Nip and Tuck for Men

“Where a Man can Feel Good about Looking Great!”

It’s a slogan that’s been trademarked at Marina ManLand in Marina del Rey, California. ManLand is an environment where men can have surgical and non-surgical procedures in a place designed just for them.

By Carolynn Grimes
The Plastic Surgery Channel

5Men and Plastic Surgery

“Men have a renewed interest in looking great and staying young,” says Dr. Grant Stevens, a board certified plastic surgeon, and the marketing master behind the new concept. In recent years, the male plastic surgery market has hit an all time high, demonstrating that men do care about how they look, not just in the aesthetic sense but in order to compete in the job market.

The idea of only women getting plastic surgery is no longer the case. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, recent statistics show male plastic surgery rates are up 43% over a five year period.

What do men like?

Seeing the growing trend, Stevens set out to design the perfect atmosphere made just for men. He began by interviewing hundreds of men in his busy plastic surgery office and discovered exactly what they like and what they don’t like. “It’s like a cigar lounge meets a sports bar,” says Stevens. Even the restrooms are specially designed for men, complete with urinals and TV monitors showcasing Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. “Now what kind of man wouldn’t like that!” laughs Stevens.

When you walk in you’ll find leather chairs, lots of wood, no couches– men hate couches, fake buffalo heads, flat screen TV’s playing ESPN, even a special manly scent that’s piped in through the air ducts. Everything needed to make what many call, the perfect man cave.


“There’s not a drop of estrogen in here, and it’s not intended to be girl unfriendly, it’s intended to be male friendly,” says Stevens. He has helped tear down the walls of what was once a female dominated arena of beauty and created an environment where men can feel at ease.

When the guys come to the office, they may be a little self-conscious at first. But Stevens says once they’re in the waiting room and see 3 or 4 other guys sitting around, they loosen up and pretty soon they’re talking and joking around. It’s a place where men can kick back and not be concerned about who might see or judge them. “This is why they keep coming back,” says Stevens, “they’re comfortable.”

 Where a Man can Look like a Man

Whether its a surgical procedure or a non-surgical procedure, men want to look natural, not overdone. “They want to look like a man!” says Stevens.  A common statement often heard by men is they like the idea of being able to go in on their lunch hour and have something done without any down time or any one knowing. Marina ManLand offers all the latest non-surgical procedures such as CoolSculpting where you can freeze away fat, Miradry to reduce underarm sweating, NeoGraft hair replacement, and of course Botox or “Bro-tox” to help erase lines and wrinkles.


The fact is men are going to plastic surgeons and medical spas for result-driven treatments that make them feel better, look better and give them a competitive edge.

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