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Heat It Up: Using ThermiVa To Restore Feminine Confidence

Heat It Up: Using ThermiVa To Restore Feminine Confidence

It is common for the vaginal muscles to relax after a vaginal birth. ThermiVA is a non-surgical treatment for restoring women’s health, offering a safe and effective option for treating the appearance of the labia and also tightening the vaginal canal. This breakthrough treatment can be life-altering for a woman who is embarrassed about her pelvic appearance and doesn’t know where to turn to for answers. Dr. Camille Cash, a board-certified plastic surgeon calls ThermiVA an exciting and ground-breaking procedure. Dr. Cash discusses how the treatment is reshaping not only bodies, but minds. 

by Camille Cash, MD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and ThePlasticSurgeryChannel

thermiva.00_00_28_11.Still003Renewed Confidence

Let’s face it. Having a baby takes a toll on the boby. The vaginal tissue can stretch and relax. This can also be the result of aging. This damage can take a toll on relationships. Sex isn’t as satisfying with a partner. Women seeking more control and confidence may find the answer in the new treatment, ThermiVA. “ThermiVA is a new, non-surgical vaginal tightening device that works with radio frequency,” says Dr. Camille Cash.  Dr. Cash, who practices in Houston, Texas says the non-surgical procedure is the first of it’s kind to use heat to produce results treating the vagina and the labia.

“It delivers a kind of heat energy to the internal and external vaginal tissues and causes immediate retraction and shrinkage as the collagen tightens and remodels the vaginal area, without surgery.  Not only do women see improvement in the external genitalia meaning the labia, but also at the tightening of the vaginal canal.”

What Improvements Can I Expect

Women now have the choice of improving their pelvic health, without surgery. ThermiVA offers a non-surgical fix for women suffering from a myriad of conditions that in the past may have required surgery. Now, we have this  fix. ThermiVA results in cosmetically a better appearance for women, it also decreases vaginal dryness, that can be associated with menopause and aging.”

It can also successfully treat incontinence and sexual dysfunction. “We treat internally and externally, so we’ll treat the clitoral hood as well as the g-spot and so women are reporting better sex and better orgasams.”


ThermiVA = Empowerment/Confidence

ThermiVA is the non-surgical alternative to vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. There is no downtime and no need for a patient to delay sexual activity after treatment. “It’s done in the privacy of my office. Patients are awake,” says Dr. Cash.

“It’s very comfortable. I tell patients it feels like a warm stone massage.”

The vagina and the labia can be treated in the same session. There is no prep and no shots. The effects can last 9-12 months. Some women may feel uncomfortable talking about pelvic health, but this new treatment is a conversation starter. “It’s something that women don’t talk about not even to their partner or to their doctor, but we are finding that talking to women one on one, or in a small group that they are willing to start sharing their experiences.”

Improved Sexual Health

A real benefit of ThermiVA is improved sexual performance. Women are finding their sex life is better after the treatment. “This is a great opportunity for women to reclaim their sexuality”, says Dr. Cash. We reach our sexual peak in our 40’s, after children and 10-15 years of marriage, so it’s a good opportunity to reclaim themselves.”

Women are also finding a renewed sense of intimacy with their partner, after ThermiVA. “I say it’s the ultimate mommy makeover because we are completing the package. As a plastic surgeon I do breast surgery and tummy surgery, so now to have the vaginal component to the mommy makeover, this is pretty exciting.”

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