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Skincare Means to Heal and to Protect

Skincare Means to Heal and to Protect

It doesn’t get much more convenient than a sunscreen that defends against the most harmful sun rays, while improving the appearance of damaged skin. Those who have tried the new, TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREENS from SkinMedica® are thrilled with it’s ability to protect from infrared rays (IR-A rays) and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Dr. Stephan Finical discusses this revolutionary line of skin care protection and how it is changing the way we approach sunscreen.

by The Plastic Surgery Channel
and Stephan Finical, MD

For years, we have slathered on traditional sunscreens, to protect against UVA and UVB only, even with SPF 80. Now there’s a new line of products available that goes beyond UV protection to defend against powerful IR-A or infrared rays. Doctor Stephan Finical, a board-certified plastic surgeon says it’s time for this kind of protection that not only provides critical sun protection, but improves the look of damaged skin.


Improves Damaged Skin

Dr. Finical, who practices in Charlotte, North Carolina says getting better coverage from damaging sun rays is about having the right ingredients that go beyond the typical UV protection. He says unlike other sunscreens, SkinMedica will improve the appearance of damaged skin. “7 percent of the sun’s energy is UVA/UVB, 54 percent of the energy that reaches earth is infrared, so we have been protecting against what is really only 7 percent and we know that infrared causes aging and skin damage,” says Finical. The SkinMedica formula is also designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

“It has three different botanicals that helps our skin respond to infrared damage so we are protecting ourself and making use of the potent antioxidants.” – Stephan Finical, MD

The Super Sunscreen

It’s difficult to put TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR in the same category as your typical sunscreen. It’s more of a super screen, because of it’s rejuvenating abilities. The SOL-IR™ Advanced Antioxidant Complex allows this sunscreen to protect against infrared rays and rejuvenate skin where necessary. Users reported better firmness, tightness and elasticity several weeks into use. It should only be used on the face.

“This is for the face only, not the total body, this is for the face,” Finical reminds users there are several choices to fit different lifestyles. “It comes in three different formulations. There is an SPF34 and an SPF 34, with a tint. I like to use the regular SPF 34.”

The tinted formula is good for those who want the hint of a foundation look when applying. “It looks natural, like someone is wearing a little bit of makesup over their sunscreen.” Finical also recommends the SPF50 for those participating in sports. The formula is waterproof and doesn’t feel oily.


The Application

TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR should be applied daily. The best time to apply the product is in the morning, and every two hours or as needed. Finical says it should be applied as the final product with any regimen and can be used in combination with other products.

“I continue to use this sunscreen with other SkinMedica products. I like to make sure that I apply it last, but it can certainly add a layer of protection and correction to any regimen.” Finical says this product can deliver protection from infrared and skin repair like no other product currently being sold.

“There are claims that other sunscreens will block infrared, but they don’t help your skin repair the damage. This one does.”

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