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It’s BOO time, so Beware…

It’s BOO time, so Beware…

Get ready for the knocks on your front door, with ghosts and goblins and maybe even some evil clowns threatening dastardly tricks if you don’t pony up some good treats. But there’s something else you should be wary of: plastic surgery procedures or facial non-surgical treatments that may include the word, “VAMPIRE.”

Beware of Evil Clowns and…

The scenario of ‘evil clowns’ roaming America looking to snatch up unsuspecting innocent folks has been building for a number of months now. It won’t be surprising if you run into a bunch of them on Halloween weekend – either at a party or at your front door. But another spooky threat has been floating around plastic and aesthetic surgery circles recently and the advent of All Hallow’s Eve is bringing a resurgence of the vampire lift.

Vampire Breast Lift

“Simply put, the vampire breast lift sounds, and is, nonsensical,” says board certified plastic surgeon Dustin Reid. “Withdrawing a patient’s own blood, spinning it down and reinjecting it simply can’t be considered anywhere near a breast lift…or even rejuvenation.”


Dr. Reid’s practice partner, board certified plastic surgeon Ashley Gordon, agrees. “Even if there could be a slight growth after reinjection, it’s certainly considered ‘slight’ and the results are not going to last very long at all. And, on top of the medical efficacy of the vampire lift, or lack thereof, it’s expensive with no lasting results.”

The Austin-based plastic surgeons strongly recommend if something like the vampire lift sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Caroline Glicksman, MD, of New Jersey also finds the claims to be unsubstantiated. “They’re basically just taking off some of your blood, spinning it down, injecting it back in the breast. And the claims! The claims are preposterous!”

Proponents of the vampire breast lift say by spinning down a patient’s blood, they can concentrate the growth factors within that sample. The growth factors, “work like magic to cause increased collagen & new blood flow. To rejuvenate new skin, these growth factors must be put back into your breast.”

The Witch’s Nose

Nearly every Halloween witch we see sports a hump in the upper stretch of her nose that adds to her wicked profile. That same hump isn’t the sole province of witches, and many women and men seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon to remove the hump. The trouble is, correcting that part of the nose affects the entire ‘sniffer.’


“A lot of times what we see is a hump,” says board certified plastic surgeon Michael Lee of Dallas. “Where they feel like their nose is distorted or out of proportion to there face. This is a perfect example of why rhinoplasty is such a delicate operation. There are exacting measurements of the nose that must be taken into consideration from a technical standpoint and an artist’s eye is also important in this surgery to envision what the finished nose will, and should, look like.”

Whether you’d like to not have a witch’s nose 364 days of the year, or if you are interested in a breast lift that doesn’t require advice from Count Dracula, trusting a board certified plastic surgeon to take a look at your unique situation is always the best course of action.

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