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Rewinding the Clock with a Male Neck Lift

Rewinding the Clock with a Male Neck Lift

The neck has become a focal point for both men and women. Thanks to our “selfie” culture, we are looking at our necks more than ever before in both photos and video. Often, this is done at a weird angle which can actually weaken the muscles in the neck. Couple this with the fact that the skin on the neck is more delicate than that on the face and it is easy to understand why neck lift surgery is on the rise – especially the male neck lift.

Dr. Jason Cooper of Jupiter, FL has definitely seen an uptick in male patients coming in to talk about what to do about their aging necks. Dr. Cooper discusses the male neck lift patient as well as his approach for restoring a more youthful looking contour to the neck and jawline.

Who is the Male Neck Lift Patient?

Over the last several years, Dr. Cooper has noticed a definite increase in the number of men who are interested in neck lift surgery. In his practice, these male neck lift patients really fall into one of two categories. The first is a man in his 40’s – 50’s who is exhibiting a fuller looking neck than he had in his youth. This includes a significant amount of excess fat or subcutaneous tissue. There may also be some lax, loose or excess skin, but the primary issue is really one of fat.

The second group is men in their 60’s – 70’s. These male neck lift patients typically have less subcutaneous tissue and fat. The issue, for them, is more about excess skin in the lower to central portion of the neck.

Typical male neck lift patient.

Male Neck Lift

Both patient groups will require a surgical neck lift to restore a more youthful looking contour to the neck and jawline; the emphasis for the two will be different. For the older male neck lift patient who has more loose neck skin, Dr. Cooper will lift and tighten the skin and, usually, the underlying muscle as well. This is achievable though a modified short scar incision where the incisions are placed around the ears and sometimes under the chin.

For the younger male neck lift patient whose issue is more one of fat in the neck, Dr. Cooper finds, “that the best way to approach that is a combination of liposuction and direct excision of the fat.” After that area of excess fat has been deflated then the skin must be tightened to restore contour and improve both the neck and the jawline. While the technique is the same, a greater portion of skin is removed from the older patient while with the younger patient, the emphasis is on removing the fat with liposuction and/or surgical excision.

Younger male neck lift patient.

Hiding the Scars

Scars are a natural by product of any surgical procedure. With the male neck lift, the surgeon will hide the scars behind the ears and within the hairline. If a man has less hair then this will affect where the surgeon places the incisions. All of this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Scars that heal well should be virtually invisible. The best way to ensure this is to first see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Exemplary technique is one of the keys to invisible scars. Another is you want a surgeon who is going to manage the scar during the healing process with effective scar creams if necessary. Keep in mind that a scar may take up to a year to fully resolve.

A Defined Jawline is More Masculine & Attractive

There is an ideal proportion for both men and women’s faces. In men, it has to do with a defined jawline and a square shaped face. Men whose faces more closely adhere to this ideal are considered more attractive and masculine by others.

This is certainly the case in Hollywood. Stars from Clint Eastwood to Brad Pitt to Zac Efron all have, or had, a sharp delineation between their neck and their chin. With age, this begins to soften. A neck lift is a fairly simple way for men to not just look younger, but to feel more vital as well.

Older male neck lift patient.

Rapid Recovery with Male Neck Lift

With more and more men working longer, the need to stay current and competitive in the workplace is imperative. Thankfully, the recovery from a neck lift is typically fairly rapid. “Within two weeks, these patients are feeling much more like themselves but with even better self-esteem” explains Dr. Cooper. The end result is more definition in the neck, a stronger jawline, and more delineation between the chin and the neck.

“I really love doing these procedures” says Dr. Cooper, because his patients are so happy. They come into the office after their surgery feeling more confident and energized, as if they have a new lease on life. For many, they would say they indeed do.

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