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CoolSculpting Is Here to Stay

CoolSculpting Is Here to Stay

CoolSculpting is no longer the new kid on the block. For nearly a decade, CoolSculpting has been helping both men and women downsize love handles and eliminate stubborn belly fat – all without surgery. If you were to stop a stranger on the street, the odds are good that they will recognize the procedure by name. The brand is growing, thanks in part do to real, lasting results.

CoolSculpting’s fat freezing technology first received FDA approval back in 2010 for fat reduction in the flanks, more commonly referred to as love handles. The following year it was also approved for fat reduction in the stomach. Since then, the technology has continued to expand. Now you can freeze away unwanted fat all over your body, even the neck.

Whether you struggle with a double chin, a bulge around your bra strap or excess fat in your arms or thighs, CoolSculpting can help you spot reduce, no downtime required.  

Problem Areas? No Problem!

Men and women who live healthy, active lifestyles often still have stubborn, exercise-resistant fat they want to get rid of. A surgical procedure like liposuction in these patients often seems like overkill. Taking time away from the gym in order to get rid of a small bulge of fat even seems counter intuitive.

CoolSculpting problem areas.

CoolSculpting is often the perfect answer to both their fat reduction goals and their busy lifestyles. The procedure can be done comfortably in the office with no notable recovery period. After an hour or so of treatment, the patient can return to work or life as usual.

“It’s effective, and it’s the most versatile non-invasive fat reduction that I’ve seen on the market,” says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Camp. “Not only does it work, it works in multiple sites.” In his practice, CoolSculpting has been delivering reliable results in a variety of areas for several years now.

Popular CoolSculpting Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles
  • Arms
  • Double Chin
  • Thighs
  • Bra Roll

Can You Pinch an Inch of Fat?

Not everyone with excess fat is a good candidate for the procedure. In Dr. Camp’s Fort Worth plastic surgery practice, the key to achieving consistently great results from CoolSculpting is careful patient selection. If you can pinch your problem fat between two fingers, you may be a good candidate. CoolSculpting is not, however, a weight loss tool. 

Your skin also plays an important role in determining whether you will get a great result from CoolSculpting, or if you are instead a better candidate for a different procedure. Patients who have lost a lot of weight, or those who have loose skin following pregnancy, are not ideal candidates. When excess skin is an issue, a surgical procedure is necessary to tighten the skin.

CoolSculpting patient - Dr. Camp.


Men are Embracing CoolSculpting, Too

It’s not just women who are getting great results with CoolSculpting. As the technology continues to make a name for itself as a procedure that works to get rid of fat without any downtime, men are jumping on board too. “In my practice we use CoolSculpting very commonly in men,” says Camp. “CoolSculpting has been a great niche for the male patient. They don’t have to take days off of work. They don’t have to wear weird compressive garments or Spanx. Those things are common with surgical procedures like liposuction or skin excision procedures, and most men just aren’t really willing to accept that.”

CoolSculpting happiness.

Young, professional men in particular are finding it to be a great way to improve and maintain their appearance. They already spend time in the gym and invest in tailored clothing. Non-invasive procedures like Botox and CoolSculpting are now helping them take their look to the next level.

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