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Banish Underarm Sweat with miraDry

Banish Underarm Sweat with miraDry

Working up a good sweat in the gym can be exhilarating, but in other social situations sweating can be downright embarrassing. Excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, affects approximately three out of every one hundred people.  

You don’t have to be part of that 3% to have experienced a situation where sweating made you feel uncomfortable. Hormones, weather, physical activity, anxiety and body temperature are just a few of the contributing factors when it comes to determining how and when we sweat. 

If we find ourselves in a stressful situation, our bodies typically respond by triggering a sweat response in our armpits. Both men and women suffer from embarrassment due to increased sweating in stressful situations. As a result, they often feel limited in terms of their wardrobe options, and may even find themselves avoiding events they would otherwise enjoy being a part of. 

An answer to this predicament exists, and it’s permanent. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Calobrace of Louisville details MiraDry, a non-surgical device that zaps away forever armpit sweating and odor.

miraDry – The Armpit Sweat Destroyer

If you have unwanted underarm sweat, miraDry is the answer. The device is a new, non-surgical options for plastic surgeons to help patients completed rid their armpits of sweat and accompanying odor.

“miraDry is a technique which uses microwave energy to actually destroy sweat glands,” explains Dr. Calobrace. “Both the glands that create sweat, as well as odor. It removes both of those in one treatment for most patients.”

The MiraDry device.

Who is a Candidate for miraDry?

Both men and women can benefit from a reduction in sweating and odor after treatment with miraDry. Perhaps you just want to stop hassling with deodorants or exposing yourself to the heavy metals found in them. Maybe you struggle with embarrassing amounts of odor or sweat. In either case, miraDry can help.

You may be a candidate for miraDry if you:

  • Want to stop using deodorant, especially aluminum-based anti-perspirant
  • Struggle with excessive sweat or odor

The miraDry Procedure

The non-invasive outpatient procedure is done in the comfort of a private treatment room – no operating room required. The armpit area is cleansed, temporary markings are placed to help guide the machine during treatment and then the area is numbed using a series of injections.

Once the local anesthetic has been injected, the rest of the procedure is relatively painless. A handheld device is used to deliver the electromagnetic energy into the underarm treatment area. 

“How the miraDry works is actually microwave energy,” shares Calobrace. “The real magic in it is how to set the right level of microwave energy so that you don’t hurt the surrounding tissue, but you actually get to the sweat glands and destroy them.”

How miraDry works.

The entire treatment takes under two hours to complete and the patient can resume regular activities immediately. Most patients experience some swelling, tingling and a little bit of discomfort during the recovery period following treatment. These symptoms are best managed with ice packs and over the counter pain medication, if needed. 

While two treatments may be required to deliver the best results possible, one treatment will make a major difference in reducing both sweat and odor. 

For Many, miraDry is Nothing Short of a Miracle

Excessive sweating can be a major struggle for men and women alike. If you find yourself selecting your clothing based on whether it will show sweat or not, you may find the results of a miraDry treatment life changing. “For those of us who don’t have that problem, we don’t even understand that it is a problem,” says Calobrace.  But for patients who suffer from it, this is like a miracle for them.”

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