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Sientra Breast Implants Are Back to Create Fantastic Results

Sientra Breast Implants Are Back to Create Fantastic Results

Sientra, one of the three manufacturers of breast implants, has just received FDA approval for their new plant in Wisconsin, hearkening great news for both plastic surgeons and their patients. After a fire erupted in their major production facility in South America, Sientra’s ability to provide implants to their clients was severely restricted as they had to rely solely on existing inventory. Plastic surgeons who were not already long time clients could not get access to this fantastic line of devices. Now, Sientra is back to full capacity.

Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis, IN is a leading expert in the field of breast augmentation and Sientra manufacturers his favorite breast implants. He discusses why having them back to full speed is such exciting news.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant 

The decision to finally go ahead and get the breasts that you have always wanted is the first in a long line of decisions that a patient must make when it comes to her breast augmentation. These include:

  • type of implant (saline or silicone)
  • shape (round or anatomical)
  • size
  • fill
  • placement (above or below the pectoral muscle)
  • additional support, such as GalaFlex mesh

Many patients come in for the consultation with a pre-conceived notion of the size and shape that they want. Oftentimes, however, this is based on faulty information, such as what a friend or family member received. The important thing to always keep in mind when it comes to breast implants is that the right one for you is going to depend primarily on your individual anatomy.

Why Anatomy is Important When Choosing a Breast Implant

Every plastic surgeon wants to deliver on a patient’s desired outcome; no one wants an unhappy patient, especially the patient! When it comes to the breasts, your anatomy can often be at odds with your goals. Since any breast implant must be centered behind the patient’s own nipple, if your nipples are far apart, for example, and you want a lot of cleavage, it is going to be a problem.

There are ways to “trick” the anatomy, within reason, and one of these is knowing the ins and outs of every different implant on the market. This is why it is so vital that you see a plastic surgeon with a lot breast augmentations under his or her belt. He or she will have extensive experience with each manufacturer’s implants and how they work within a specific anatomy.

Silicone breast implants.

What Makes Sientra Breast Implants Unique?

Dr. Van Natta has been a leader in the field of breast surgery for over 25 years. For him, Sientra is his “favorite implant.” This is why the FDA’s recent approval of their new production facility in Wisconsin is so exciting. As a long time and high volume Sientra user, he was not affected by their drop in production, but other plastic surgeons were. This bummed him out because he feels that Sientra has “some unique devices” with some really positive characteristics, such as:

  • the nature of the relationship of the gel to the outer shell
  • the fact that they’re properly filled

Sometimes, you can get a breast implant that is under filled. Not only can this feel bad to the patient, but it can also lead to problems down the road. No wants to have revision breast surgery that could have been prevented.

Sientra Offers Patients a Full Range of Breast Implants

Sientra offers plastic surgeons and patients a full range of breast implant options, including both round and shaped, or anatomical, implants. The latter are often referred to as “gummy bear” implants. Each comes in both a smooth and textured finish. Sientra uses a proprietary texturing method that helps to maintain implant position and which does not use:

  • sodium chloride
  • sugar
  • soak/scub or pressure-shaping methods

Furthermore, Sientra produces the only round breast implant with HSC, or high strength cohesive silicone gel. Extensively tested, this gel is currently the strongest available on the market. Combined with the outer shell, these implants still feels soft to the touch. This combination is a huge boon to patients. It reduces the risk of implant malfunction while also delivering the soft, natural feel that most patients desire.

Sientra Only Sells to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The other major advantage of Sientra breast implants is that the company, “only sells their implants to board certified plastic surgeons, or board eligible plastic surgeons,” explains Dr. Van Natta. This is important because it speaks to a plastic surgeon’s skill, training and expertise. Any surgeon who is board certified has years of experience under his or her belt and had to go through rigorous testing before attaining certification. Not every plastic surgeon passes the test. Board certification is a way for the patient to know that they are in good hands and that their surgeon has a history of delivering exemplary results.

Bottom line, this is what every patient wants.

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