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Trust in Board Certified Plastic Surgeons for Breast Implant Illness

Trust in Board Certified Plastic Surgeons for Breast Implant Illness

At The Plastic Surgery Channel, our goal is to help translate the immense amount of information and skill from board certified plastic surgeons to you, the patient. One of the growing concerns in the field is Breast Implant Illness, a disorder that hasn’t yet been scientifically identified but is real to many, many patients.

Before worrying about BII, or the scientifically identified, very rare cancer, BIA-ALCL, it’s important that patients realize going to the best will offer them the best. Board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast surgery are at the forefront of not only excellent results, but being extremely careful in the OR to best avoid minor to severe complications. If patients both educate themselves and work with an expert, the risks of surgery and complications are minimized and the results maximized.

On the latest PSC Round Table, three breast surgery experts, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Richard Restifo of Connecticut, Dr. Anu Bajaj of Oklahoma, and Dr. Adam Hamawy of New Jersey detail how critical it is to see the best. Breast implant illness is absolutely a conversation they have with their patients during the consultation, and nothing is more important than a patient educated. After all, plastic surgeons are physicians first; the well-being and health of their patients is paramount.

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PSC Roundtable

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