No Spin Live Special Edition COVID-19 Data #7 – The Data is In, BUT More Questions Remain

No Spin Live Special Edition COVID-19 Data #7 – The Data is In, BUT More Questions Remain

In this episode of No Spin Live Special Edition, Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. David Sieber of San Francisco, CA, Dr. Tom Wiener of Houston, TX, Dr. Charles Randquist of Stockholm, Sweden and host  Dr. William P. Adams Jr., Dallas, TX analyze the latest data from the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

These experts were correct! Dr. Tom Wiener discusses the recent CDC report which goes over the CDC critical evaluation with 5 scenarios.

The most probable scenario according to the CDC and data shows a 35% asymptomatic rate and a case mortality rate 0.4%, and when you add in the asymptomatic cases (Infection fatality rate) this reduces the mortality rate to 0.1% or less.  Dr. Tom Wiener estimates 0.05% overall mortality rate in the future. The case mortality rate is shown to be less than the seasonal flu in the research from the CDC.

If the Mortality is Similar to the Flu: What Happened in NYC and Italy?

Higher risk groups exposed to the virus affect the numbers. The ship was a contained population of older age groups which increased the risk of exposure. New York is also an example of a concentrated population and higher risk for exposure. There were two spikes for deaths April 13th (778 deaths) May 5th (952 deaths) which Dr. Wiener suspects were due to a reporting issue because data was received late from hospitals. May 22nd only 87 deaths were reported. Co morbidity out of the total deaths were as follows hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and dementia. Age breakdown that is not reported through mainstream media were that 85% of deaths in NYC were over 60 years old. New York Governor Cuomo’s decision of moving older patients moving to nursing homes increased the risk of exposing the virus to a high-risk age group, which resulted in a higher account of deaths.

COVID-19 Disease/Severity Factor of:

  • Population Density
  • Viral Load
  • Host and Environmental Factors


Sweden Sets the  World  Standard

Dr. Randquist, MD predicts legal actions will be taken towards politicians who have contributed to mass hysteria and the shutting down of societies.  Curious decisions continue, such as Cyprus has opened tourism for  all of the  world, but excluded Swedes.  As of last Friday, May 22nd, Sweden has reported 3,925 deaths. Of these reported, 1/6th were 69 or younger.  The numbers that are currently presented by social media other “reliable” sources contribute heavily to the fear surrounding COVID-19 and some feel have an impact on the democracy of a culture.

Should the Lockdowns Continue or Do They Cause More Deaths?

Dr. David Sieber, MD contributes that the lockdown system was to prevent the hospital systems from being overwhelmed. According to the data, New York approached overwhelmed hospital systems in some sectors but other including hospital ships and  emergency conference center units  were never  used and  closed. Other states also built hospitals to take care of public patients that were never used. Many researchers claimed that shelter in place enforcement’s were to prevent the spread of the disease which can effectively be measured by the antibody tests conducted. According a study in Santa Clara, the infection rate 3-4%. Sweden reports 7.3%, New York was 12.3% and London reports 17% of people tested have antibodies. These percentages come from populations that have varying degrees of enforcement of the lockdown and show a large variation in people with antibodies. The government impositions have consequences that are both economic and psychological. Suicide attempts, domestic violence and decreased mental health in individuals have increased due to shelter in place mandates.

What are the Long-term Consequences of Lockdown?  COVID is  NOT the Problem Anymore!

The UN reports that the economic impact of the shutdowns is going to kill more people than COVD-19. Global starvation rates will increase by 130 million, 30 million children will be at a higher risk of starvation, and 80 million children under the age of 1-year-old will be at a higher risk of Diphtheria, Measles and Polio because they are not getting vaccines due to shutdowns. The murder rate in Houston is up 50% compared to last year.  Politicians  need to   follow the  science and  data moving  forward  or the consequences will be  far  worse.

Final Thoughts

Moving forward, we need to implement methods revert the “shotgun” when faced with a global pandemic.

Tom Wiener’s protocol for what we need to do for future pandemics

  1. Identify – Where is the outbreak occurring?
  2. Is it a possible epidemic or pandemic?
  3. Is it Novel – Do we have a vaccine?
  4. Identify the At-Risk group
  5. Geographic isolation and travel shutdown for the affected country
  6. Country of Origin isolate elderly and at-risk groups
  7. Identify a possible vaccine, if none, begin development immediately
  8. Identify Anti-Viral and treatment medications

Dr. David Sieber shares his final thoughts, referring back to data and facts.  Group thought was the result of mainstream media and lack of sorting through sources. His recommendation for the public? Make sure the information you come across is backed by data.

Dr. Randquist affirms that the world’s reaction was due to the reporting from the news and lack of data to support the mass hysteria regarding COVID-19. Enforcing a protocol for the elderly and other high-risk groups should be a priority for encountering a pandemic in the future.

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