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Are Facial Fillers Used the Same in Women and Men?

Are Facial Fillers Used the Same in Women and Men?

Injectable procedures continue to at the top of the most performed non-surgical procedure list. In fact, Botox has been the #1 aesthetic treatment performed by plastic surgeons since 1999. Facial fillers are not far behind; 1.6 BILLION was spent on injectables in 2019.

This success is due to the fact that the procedures themselves are extremely successful: Botox and injectable fillers do what they claim to do, do it well, and the results are almost immediate with no surgery involved. And while female patients have been benefiting from injectable power for some time, men are now not far behind, accounting for 10% of the share of annual procedures.

Considering the important differences in masculine and feminine facial elements, is there a difference in how injectables are applied to men vs. women? In this PSC Uncut, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Douglas Steinbrech of New York City and Dr. Craig Colville of Toledo, Ohio share how they approach injectable procedures for the two sexes and if any differences actually matter.

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